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Machine management, maintenance & quality assurance

By using Artificial Intelligence in combination with sound analysis and the analysis of other physical parameters in operating machines, NSW ensures the peak performance of the machinery, thus optimising productivity and reducing operating costs.

We develop Artificial Intelligence algorithms to analyse the current health and behaviour of individual machines

We develop Artificial Intelligence algorithms to analyse the current health and behaviour of individual machines

We analyse various physical parameters of your machinery, such as sound, temperature, pressure, electric current, magnetic moment, luminescence, permeability and irradiance, amongst others, to provide information about the current health and behaviour of individual machines

In real time and in situ 

The resultant status reports and real time alerts provide you with  tools to be in full control of QA, maximize output, reduce operating cost, and optimize maintenance

Eliminate downtime, reduce maintenance costs, maximize equipment productivity

Optimum results

Optimum results

Unlike other predictive maintenance solutions, Neuron Soundware delivers an online (24/7) continuous monitoring through IoT HW solution and AI data processing. Easy installation makes it possible to launch the service within hours.

Complete Control of operation

Complete Control of operation

By providing you with the means to manage the extensive risks associated with machinery breakdowns and malfunctions, we empower management to take complete control of the production process. 

Protect your assets

Protect your assets

Extend the lifecycles of machinery and equipment by avoiding catastrophic failures. 

Monitoring and diagnosing a machine’s condition before it becomes problematic allows you to solve issues quickly and helps to keep your operation reliable

Eliminate downtime

Eliminate downtime

By monitoring and controlling the health of machines, our software/hardware solutions eliminate downtime, reduce maintenance costs and maximize productivity for equipment in industrial and service applications, ranging from the automotive sector to wind energy, and everything in between.

If machine exists, we can monitor it

This can be applied to a significant range of machines, from power generating equipment, pumps, compressors, mills, and various transport systems to CNC machines, complex HVAC systems, robots, welding, and 3D printing machines, and more. We can monitor and control either a single piece of equipment, or an entire fleet or production line.

Pumps & compressors
Gas Turbines
Wind turbines
Convewyor systems
Material handling efficiency
CNC Machines
Material handling
Diesel & Gas Engines
HVAC systems

We Take Pride in Our Numbers

Increase productivitySound vectors recordedReduction in breakdownsReduction in maintenance costs Industry Awards


NSW is an internationally acclaimed company in the field of the Internet of Things (IoT) and applications of artificial intelligence (AI) to process control and predictive maintenance in manufacturing and processing plants.

In 2020 and 2021, our team ranked among the top 5 in the DCASE global challenge for AI-powered audio diagnostic solutions.The company has been ranked as one of the Top 5 innovators in the world of Internet of Things (IoT) devices in 2021.Award for the best manufacturing innovation and technology in Europe from one of Europe’s largest startup festivals in 2021. BoostUp! RIS competition in Vienna.
ABB Open Innovation Award for the best Predictive Maintenance solution    2020-2021The best IoT startup in Central Europe 2019,Top 5 digital maintenance solution, Engineering startup by Startup Insights  June 2021

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Why Neuron soundware?

Via extremely precise sound analysis and AI, the impact is maximum quality control, safety & compliance, predictive maintenance, thus increasing productivity, energy saving, and reducing downtime and the scrap rates normally associated with manufacturing operations.

Optimize machine availability and quality of output. Reduce maintenance costs and energy consumption

Prevent unscheduled production shutdowns

About 60 % of breakdowns are related to unforeseen events.

Eliminate the high costs of maintenance, and extend equipment lifecycles

Increase production by 5 % to 20%, while improving safety and compliance.

Automate maintenance strategies

Make your maintenance strategies more efficient, digitised and automated. Reduce operating cost by 35 %.

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