Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are in our DNA
Neuron Soundware empowers industries and manufacturers to improve efficiency, reduce downtime, enhance product and process quality, and stay ahead of the competition
What we do

Our AI-powered cutting-edge brainware gives you unparalleled advantages

We believe in challenging the status quo in manufacturing. What puts us apart from others is our different way of thinking. By using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in combination with the analysis of sound and other physical parameters, we develop state of the art solutions for monitoring and control of machines and manufacturing processes.

We develop Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms to maximize the performance of your equipment and processes
The algorithms analyze various physical parameters of your machinery, such as sound, temperature, pressure, electric current, magnetic field, luminescence, permeability, irradiance, and many others, to provide information about the current health and behaviour of individual machines, and processes.
If a machine exists, we can monitor it

NSW technology can be applied to a extensive range of machines, from power generating equipment, pumps, compressors, mills, and various transport systems to CNC machines, complex HVAC systems, robots, welding, and 3D printing machines, amongst many others. We can monitor and control a single piece of equipment, or an entire fleet of machines, or a complete production line.

We apply our significant expertise to R&D in technology, process and product development

Partnering with NSW in R&D offers substantial benefits to OEMs including the reduction of the costs and risks associated with R&D, as well as security and confidentiality, fast track developments, patentable innovations, valuable intellectual properties, and more.

We are an internationally acclaimed company

NSW is internationally acclaimed as an unparallel innovator in the field of the Internet of Things (IoT), and applications of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to process control and predictive maintenance in manufacturing and processing plants.

We are agents of change

We inspire our customers to achieve higher, better

Unique challenges and solutions

We have a reputation for exceptional skills and creativity in the development of AI and ML-based value-added solutions for our customers, solving the most challenging problems in maximizing equipment utilization and process supervision. 

Highest possible value

Unlike other operating and predictive maintenance solutions, NSW delivers a real-time (24/7) continuous monitoring solution based on IoT hardware, and AI and ML data processing. Ease of installation makes it possible to launch the service within hours.

Innovative engineering

Our expertise in Edge and Fog computing, and IoT architecture, enables us to develop AI and ML-based solutions allowing near or real-time processing of information and decision making at the Edge.

Technical excellence
NSW's success arises from the technical brilliance of its staff. The skill and dedication of our staff enable us to respond with speed, precision, and ingenuity, as evidenced by our client base of elite organizations around the world.
reshaping predictive maintenance


By applying ultra-precise sound analysis, AI and ML, the results achieved include: maximum control over quality output, productivity, energy use, safety and compliance, and a reduction of unscheduled downtimes and scrap rates, enhanced quality, and lower cost of maintenance throughout the manufacturing operations.

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