We Introduce New NeuronBox NB6 IoT Device

We Introduce New NeuronBox NB6 IoT Device

Our brand new NeuronBox NB6 IoT device is an industrial grade edge computing device equipped with the audio digitalization capabilities.

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The Key Product Features:

  • Standalone analytical IoT unit with variable acoustics sensors
  • Up to 6 channel simultaneous and synchronous recording
  • Edge computing software for the audio analysis based on neural networks
  • Installation directly next to machine or into DIN ledge
  • Records directly interpreted, transferred to cloud or store microSD on device
  • Multiple audio output file types supported (WAV, OGG, FLAC)
  • LAN/Wifi/LTE connectivity and Power supply (optional)

Download the full NB6 Product sheet specification here

or contact our sales representative for more information:
Jiří Čermák, +420 603 884 011, jiri.cermak@www.neuronsw.com