nBox – The IoT recording & edge computing device

nBox – The IoT recording & edge computing device

This standalone IoT recording & computing device can be installed to enable audio monitoring of any asset. Discover the abundant edge computing power that will give you the possibility to run complex machine learning models without a need to transfer data to cloud.

Key features:

  • Up to 12 channels of simultaneous recording with various microphones and acoustic sensors
  • Intelligent recording software supporting multiple audio file types (WAV, OGG, FLAC) and recording modes
  • On-device data processing/computing
  • LAN / Wifi / LTE connectivity for data transfers
  • Supporting microSD cards and external hard drives
  • LED circle status signalization
  • Easy installation next to a machine or into a DIN ledge


Technical specification:

Dimensions, Weight, Material: 130x130x40 mm (WxLxH), 1 000g, ALU case
CPU, GPU, RAM, Storage: Chip RK3399, 6×ARM Cortex, 1.2GHz, ARM Mali-T860MP4 GPU, 2 GB RAM, 32 GB eMMC
Connectivity: Wi-Fi , 3G/4G, Ethernet
Power supply, consumption: 12-18V DC with 2.5A load, min. 660mA DC
Sound recording: Up to 12-channel recording, digitally controlled gain 0 – 60dB
Operating temperatures: Min -10°C, max +60°C
Outputs: 1x ETH, 1x RS232, 1 x USB
Piezo / Airborne / Condenser / Ultrasonic / MEMs accelerometers