Neuron soundware's Acoustic Academy

Is your project unique and you are not sure if we can help? Yes, we can.

Let us develop a tailored solution for your project

Unique machines, unexpected breakdowns, or specific sound features, we know a lot about what worries our customers. We understand the industry and enjoy new challenges.  The Acoustic Academy offering is an iterative development process that suits for proof-of-concept projects, one-off experiments, or co-development of new OEM services.

We have the right mix to make it work for you:

  • unique sound database and sound processing know-how
  • proprietary HW, SW tools and open APIs
  • dedicated experts in IoT and machine learning
  • years of experience working in the industry

Four steps to a successful Acoustic Academy project

Data Acquisition

  • Record sound data for normal operation.
  • Simulate anomalies/failures/running modes.
  • Check data integrity and label selected events.

Data Exploration

  • Analyse data and classes.
  • Estimate samples size for accurate classification.
  • Scale up data collection and exploration practices.

Algorithm Development

  • Decide on the best ML approach and tools.
  • Train the algorithm, optimize the learning process.
  • Present results and decide on algorithm deployment.

Algorithm Deployment

  • Deploy the algorithm on edge/in cloud.
  • Validate performance on a test series.
  • Design UX and a service model for real operations.

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