Additive manufacturing and welding machines
Quality control of additive manufacturing process (Germany)

Lengthy additive manufacturing process

Material faults can occur during the lengthy additive manufacturing process that can be detected only after the component is already produced. This causes significant material and time losses. The cost of additive manufactured parts, especially critical components in industries such as aerospace or power generation, can be also impacted by expensive post-production quality testing.


3D printer monitoring in real time and in situ

The NSW solution monitors the 3D printer in real time and in situ, combining process acoustic signature, camera images and other physical parameters of the printer and its auxiliary equipment, NSW can pinpoint material faults occurring during the printing process.


Reduction in post-production quality testing

  • Significant material savings
  • Elimination of production of out-of-quality-spec parts
  • Reduction in post-production quality testing
  • Improved productivity
  • Improved profitability
  • Increased reputation as a reliable supplier
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