AI trained for failure detection

Our powerful AI recognizes sound patterns in real time after quick calibration. Access our Analytics & Monitoring Portal for online dashboards displaying anomalies, failure alerts, and machine health status. Enjoy unlimited browsing, listening, and labeling of recorded audio data. Use our open API and integrate sound-based asset monitoring in your maintenance systems easily.


Friendly dashboards in our Analytics and Monitoring Portal

Access dashboards any time, from any device. See the condition of your machines based on anomaly score in an instant through the traffic lights indication system. Adjust thresholds and mark interesting events. Drill down to the sensor level, view and analyze historical data or compare results with different sources.

Extensive database and edge computing infrastructure

Take advantage of our extensive healthy and alert sound database, do not start from scratch. Leverage proved edge & cloud computing infrastructure for reliable data processing and a safe, fast and efficient analysis of large data sets.

Audio files access and labeling

Understanding the content and the nature of audio data is the key to success in failure predictions. Get access to all recordings in real time. Listen, evaluate, and help to label failures or other points of interest. The efforts will pay off in improved algorithm performance and detection accuracy.

Service facilitation and user comfort

Enable text message and e-mail notification service to notify personnel about abnormal behaviors and exceeded thresholds. Drive usage in your organization and value of the monitoring system by leveraging training materials and customer support. Integrate our monitoring service with other systems in place through our open API.

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