Compressors & pumps, gears, motors
Compressor failure detection (USA)

Insecure continuity
of production

The customer is the world's leading manufacturer of wheel rims. Needing to secure continuity of production, the customer decided to monitor their critical assets – the air compressors used for blowing air to the production plant. This included information regarding any anomalies in the compressors.


IIoT devices & non-intrusive
sensors collect and process sound data

The NSW end-to-end solution for anomaly detection to prevent failures was installed. IIoT devices and non-intrusive sensors collect and process sound data, and AI and machine learning algorithms evaluate the processed data from the air compressors and decide if there is any change from the nominal state to report an anomaly.


Automated anomaly reporting

  • Real-time asset monitoring
  • Early warnings of failures
  • Prioritization of assets for inspection
  • Minimized costs associated with failures
  • Higher efficiency of employee time
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