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Increase productivity, contain costs by protecting your critical production assets

Connected, electric, or self-driving vehicles are cool, but most of the time, you are still very much focused on cost-effectiveness and quality that needs to be pushed through the entire supply chain. Competition is fierce, price sensitivity is high at all levels, and you are constantly balancing between profitability of production and adherence to quality and safety standards. Engineering companies seek innovative technologies that help to control critical processes, quality, and prevent unplanned downtime of critical assets. Neuron soundware has the technology that can do exactly that.

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How to reduce unwanted production stoppages and save money on less frequent maintenance?

We prevent 9 out of 10 incidents in an automated handling system of metallic components.

Neuron soundware’s AI solution continuously monitors our automated handling system of metallic components. It learned quickly and accurately to detect the characteristic sound anomaly that usually signals the coming incident in the work cell. Thanks to the integrated signalization system with a siren, our production operators can now respond in time to 9 out of 10 incidents. In a few months project, we managed to significantly reduce unwanted production stoppages and started saving money on maintenance.

Innovation Project Manager

Tier 1 Automotive Supplier in the Czech Republic

With a very attractive return on investment, we enable you to focus on your core business.

Main benefits

  • minimize machine downtime
  • increase asset lifetime
  • reduce maintenance costs
  • improve productivity
  • increase safety
  • lower reputation risk

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