Be ready! Be digital! Be maintained!

Nowadays, manufacturing businesses that interrupted or restricted production suffer because their workers and machines are unable to fulfill their usual roles in operations. On the contrary, other plants are producing at the capacity limit with increased risk. All, however, ask themselves similar questions:

  • What would it look like if our operations were more digitized?
  • How can we profit from our current state of digitalization in the COVID era?
  • Should we invest more in digitalization now, or prefer other domains?

Digitalization brings about businesses more flexibility and resiliency. Flexible companies respond faster to unexpected events and new market situations. They can run longer and smoother under difficult conditions (like mandatory home office and social distancing rules) thanks to remote monitoring and management or digital workplace tools. Or they can re-calibrate production and start producing completely different products in just days. Read, for instance, about automotive companies; some of them have recently started producing defibrillators or masks instead of the usual parts. Companies that can respond like that will recover much faster. They are resilient.


Around 80% of all maintenance agenda is failure identification. An average worker meets approximately 10 other people, while, in comparison, a maintenance technician can meet more than 100 in one day! Do you want your technicians to know in advance where to go, when, and what to fix? Then equip your technicians with our sound-based AI solution that enables detecting failures remotely; you will protect them, your machines as well as your company.

  • Remote monitoring and diagnostics will reduce the exposure of the key personnel. Be more prepared if the pandemic returned.
  • Insights into machine health will give you predictive capabilities and help you build another layer of protection. Improve your asset immunity and recover easier and faster in the future.
  • Optimized maintenance cycles will help you save money. Prepare your assets for less face-to-face checks and for longer lifetimes.