Introducing the nShield Basic Package for Quick Asset Digitalization

Digitalization of machines made easy using our plug-and-play IoT monitoring

We introduce a special offering by which we aim to accelerate asset digitalization in the industry, especially in the unpredictable times brought by COVID-19. Our sound-based monitoring system’s basic functionality is now available to you in a standardized entry-level package for a fixed one-time price. We can ship the hardware in the next business day, and you can use the service for a three-month trial period.

This package allows the digitization of legacy equipment without expensive upgrades.  The sound sensors are quick to install on all machinery types and are available as a limited risk-free offer for as low as €399/nBox (see the hardware specifications on this page).

Some of the questions you can answer thanks to the nShield Basic Package subscription:

  • Do you know when your machine runs and when it doesn’t?
  • Do you know how many hours it ran in a certain period?
  • Do you know in what mode or speed it usually runs?
  • Do you know how the machine sounded hours and days before it last broke down?

And what will happen if you want to continue the service after the three-month trial period?

We will offer you a continuation for an affordable monthly fee billed annually. We provide even better rates for orders of larger amounts of nBoxes. Besides, we would love to showcase our additional AI capabilities that are the core of our nShield Advanced automated monitoring service offering.

To review the full offering of nShield Basic Package and order it, please visit this dedicated landing page, or simply use the contact form below.

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