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Key benefits of optimized maintenance

Reduced Maintenance Labour Costs

When repairs are scheduled, the amount of time needed for repair is reduced because of a smaller number of component replacements instead of entire equipment replacement. Also, the frequency of repair for critical failure of equipment will be reduced and the amount of “critical callouts” will be greatly reduced.

Decrease Equipment and Energy Costs

Instead of replacement of the entire piece of equipment due to critical failure, a repair is made prior to failure and cost is minimized to the price of the component and the labor needed for the repair. Well performing assets are also more efficient and save energy costs.

Minimized Unproductive Time

A proactive maintenance department can head off critical failure downtime by scheduling repair during non-productive times. - By identifying the precise repair task needed to correct deficiencies, as well as the parts, tools and support needed to correct the problem can dramatically increase effective "wrench time."

Increased Safety

Predictive maintenance would allow potential problems to be fixed before failure occurs, which would create safer driving conditions for employees and customers. Less failures mean cheaper insurance.

Improved Revenue Impact

Better predictability allows managers to deal with less unplanned issues and focus more on scaling the business, innovations and effectiveness. Excess experienced employees can join the new production lines or locations.

Minimized Reputation Risk

The lost of the reputation in case of major asset failure has usually a significant impact to company future. Especially, if safety or human health are in risk. Other important aspect is to lower the risk of liability costs by application of additional predictive analytics.

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