Dobrý den, Hannover Messe! Neuron soundware detects machine problems using sound

Dobrý den, Hannover Messe! Neuron soundware detects machine problems using sound

  • The Czech startup will present a demo of its intelligent detection system for machine problems at Hannover Messe (April 23 – 27th)
  • From Prague to worldwide success: Neuron soundware’s technology has been already tested by Siemens Mobility, E.ON, Deutsche Bahn or Airbus

Hanover / Prague, March 12, 2018: Visitors will see two major topics at Hannover Messe this year: Industry 4.0 and Artificial Intelligence (AI) will dominate discussions at the world’s most important industrial trade fair. In addition to presentations of large corporations, new, previously unknown companies are presenting their innovative solutions. One of them is Neuron soundware (, a Czech startup whose sound detection system is already being tested by Siemens Mobility, E.ON, Deutsche Bahn, Volkswagen or Airbus.

The IoT- and AI-based system detects and predicts machine problems

Neuron soundware builds and trains an AI-powered software that understands audio signals. Based on this technology, the company offers its industrial customers a smart detection system that detects mechanical problems of machines at an early stage and warns the customer if necessary. For this purpose, the Prague-based start-up uses IoT devices and acoustic sensors that collect even the smallest noise data and evaluate it in real time. The algorithms can be integrated directly into the respective IoT device or work externally in the cloud. By using this technology, industrial customers can continuously monitor their machines, motors and other equipment remotely. This enables them to reduce maintenance costs by identifying problems before they occur. Alternatively, companies can use the system to prevent quality issues during the production cycle.

From a car breakdown to the business idea

The idea for Neuron soundware came to the founders Pavel Konečný and Pavel Klinger through bad luck in everyday life: A friend told them his story of a car breakdown. During the ride, the friend had been wondering about the strange engine noise. Worried, he stopped at a car repair shop along the way, but the mechanics there did not detect the problem correctly and sent him back on the road. However, after a few kilometers, the car broke down eventually – the human gut feeling seemed to have been proving the trained specialists wrong. When the friend later discussed his story with Pavel Konečný and Pavel Klinger, these two came up with the idea for Neuron soundware. The startup has already been named “Idea of ​​the Year 2016” by Vodafone for the combination of practical industrial use and artificial intelligence and was also included in the 2017 Airbus BizLab Accelerator Program. Since the first customer success, Neuron soundware has already won over several dozen other customers.

German companies see great potential

The Neuron soundware technology is suitable for a multitude of industries. It was tested with car engines, point machines, wind turbines, escalators and power generation. For example, Neuron soundware monitored escalators at Deutsche Bahn stations with regard to the condition of their propulsion engine. Neuron soundware software and hardware was also tested by Siemens Mobility to analyze the condition of point machines, which could prevent train delays and traffic closures.

Journalists and other interested visitors at Hannover Messe are cordially invited to see a demo of the Neuron soundware system. The startup and its founders will welcome visitors on all days of the trade fair in hall 17, booth B68 (C59).

“Besides staying in touch with the latest technology trends in the industry, we treat Hannover Messe as a unique business development opportunity throughout the entire year. We will showcase our technology to potential customers, but also actively seek potential partners and distributors,“ explains CEO Pavel Konečný Neuron soundware’s mission at the fair.


About Neuron soundware:

Neuron soundware develops a detection system that discovers machine problems in real time. By recording noise data via sensors and the subsequent automatic evaluation, damage and abrasion are detected and machine or production breakdowns are prevented. The technology is suitable for use with car engines, wind turbines, point machines and other machines and systems. Neuron soundware was named “Idea of ​​the Year 2016” for this combination of Artificial Intelligence (Neuron soundware’s AI software) and IoT (the external IoT systems and acoustic sensors used). Founded in 2016 by Pavel Konečný and Pavel Klinger in Prague, the company received EUR 600,000 investment by J&T Ventures in 2017.

We Introduce New NeuronBox NB6 IoT Device

We Introduce New NeuronBox NB6 IoT Device

Our brand new NeuronBox NB6 IoT device is an industrial grade edge computing device equipped with the audio digitalization capabilities.

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The Key Product Features:

  • Standalone analytical IoT unit with variable acoustics sensors
  • Up to 6 channel simultaneous and synchronous recording
  • Edge computing software for the audio analysis based on neural networks
  • Installation directly next to machine or into DIN ledge
  • Records directly interpreted, transferred to cloud or store microSD on device
  • Multiple audio output file types supported (WAV, OGG, FLAC)
  • LAN/Wifi/LTE connectivity and Power supply (optional)

Download the full NB6 Product sheet specification here

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Jiří Čermák, +420 603 884 011,

Neuron Soundware Closes €600K Investment

Neuron Soundware Closes €600K Investment

The winner of the startup competition “Vodafone Idea of the Year 2016” has attracted investment from Prague-based J&T Ventures, as well as prominent early customers including Siemens.

Pavel Konecny, Co-founder and CEO of Neuron Soundware, announced this week together with Adam Kocik, Managing Director of J&T Ventures, an investment of €600,000 to allow the Prague-based startup to capitalize upon early traction with its machine learning technology for heavy industry. The investment will help Neuron Soundware to ramp up its team, refine its technology, and expand its customer reach to include aerospace manufacturers, rail operators, and automotive companies.

Neuron Soundware, founded in 2016, garnered its initial investment from Prague-based Seed Accelerator StartupYard. There founding team, a group of AI experts led by Konecny, conceived of a device which can listen to heavy machinery, and over time, learn to recognize mechanical issues and predict when the machinery is likely to fail. Since attending StartupYard, they have developed a device employing high-end sensors used in aerospace, and audio processing software that can be plugged directly into heavy machinery and can warn of future mechanical problems. The company announced a cooperation with Siemens in 2016, and was invited to join the Airbus Innovation Lab the same year.

“We are continually impressed by the Neuron Soundware team’s technical prowess and ability to attack very complex problem sets with novel approaches and technology,” Kocik commented on the investment, “this technology is going to be even more essential as the IoT [Internet of Things] matures. Neuron Soundware will help to make machines safer, more efficient, and longer lasting.” The investment, a cooperation between J&T Ventures and a private investor, will be used to refine the engineering of Neuron Soundware’s physical devices and software, and to support its outreach to large industrial machinery firms, where demand for the technology is already growing.

According to Konecny, the technology, based on “deep neural networks,” learns from the sounds machinery produces, and can detect patterns too faint or complex for a human to hear, diagnosing issues with machinery well before they become catastrophic. Konecny says of the technology: “Sound is a rich source of data, and also quite universal, which is why mechanics and engineers rely on it so much. But a human cannot listen to 100 airplane or diesel engines for 1000 hours each, and make sense of it all. A machine can do this, and when one engine fails, it can apply that learning to all it has already heard, thus greatly enhancing our ability to detect and prevent future problems.”

“When Neuron Soundware joined us for our 6th program [out of 8], their approach to understanding sound had never really been tried before,” commented Cedric Maloux, CEO at StartupYard Accelerator, “leveraging StartupYard’s mentor network, locally and abroad, they were able to very quickly prove that there was a huge need for this kind of technology.” The company notes that future applications for machine learning and sound reach beyond machine maintenance, to product testing, autonomous navigation, green energy solutions, and even security. “Sound is everywhere,” remarks Konecny, “and we’ve just started to see how we can use it to understand more of how everything works.”