Predictive Maintenance Solution For Your Crane Fleet

Predictive Maintenance Solution For Your Crane Fleet

With the Neuron soundware IoT solution and its unique advanced sound diagnostics, you will resolve any issues before they cause costly downtime.

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“We at JVS always look for ways how to improve our services and customer satisfaction by deploying new innovations. JVS is today the most innovative tower crane rental company in the region by far, mainly in special innovations to improve safety of the crane operations. As part of our Industry 4.0 initiative we decided to start modernizing also our maintenance processes. For this purpose, we tested an online predictive maintenance solution from Neuron soundware. As crane operations are subject to many variables, we needed a solution that could prioritize our maintenance planning. NSW with its AI and edge computing IoT is capable to provide it.”

CEO, JVS Cranes
Petr Vacek

Digitize your legacy fleet of cranes

Our solution analyses and reports the asset behavior and condition, using wide-range acoustic and vibration signals processed by AI in real-time. This automated diagnostic allows operators to optimize and provide targeted maintenance. Our nGuard platform provides insights into the reliability, productivity, and utilization of the whole fleet of cranes, helping the site management to make data-driven decisions.


Easy setup allows for the service to start in a few days.


24/7 data collection, immediate results in nGuard platform.


Continuous algorithm improvement.


Smart alerts allow you to focus your efforts.


Full OEE and utilization data.

What benefits you get with NSW technology

While benefit starts with individual crane monitoring, you will see exponential value when monitoring the crane fleet.

+ 25% Productivity increase

No more surprises or unexpected downtimes thanks to enhanced continuous monitoring that works as if your best technician was diagnosing each machine at component level 24/7.

– 35% Reduced breakdowns

Non-invasive digitization of any asset provides unparalleled insights into how your machinery is used and operated.

– 60% Maintenance costs

By acting on signals based on the actual and objective state of your machines, your technicians can allocate their time more effectively.

Key elements of NSW technology solution

24/7 continuous monitoring ensures you peace of mind. Every mechanical component is monitored on all of your assets. This way you have a clear overview of the status of individual components which makes the operational and maintenance planning optimized and cost-effective.

Acoustic & vibration signals

Spectrum ranging from vibration to acoustic emissions, in a single system.

Rapid detection 24/7

Continuous data collection with AI processing at the edge.

Mechanical & AI automated diagnostics

Anomaly detection, AI-assisted alerts, combined with expert-guided actionable insights.

AI assisted alerts

Once our Top5 in the world AI is installed, the diagnostic system starts learning from the machine’s behavior. The longer you have the technology installed, the more precise results you get.

NSW cranes expertise

The maintenance department will receive a robust tool for real-time upcoming failure detection of monitored assets and its components and related ability to plan efficiently the service and eliminate unplanned downtime.

Our technology can be used where a particular state or trend manifests through sound or vibrations. We monitor many essential mechanical components of cranes.

Use case 1: Electric motor failure

Our AI algorithm monitored the electric motor in real-time looking for unusual behavior. When the deviation of the structure of the sound crossed the threshold an alert was issued via e-mail and SMS with a link to the actual recording that triggered the warning.

In this case, we were able to discover the anomaly leading to a failure of the asset 2 days in advance. The existing systems didn’t recognize it at all.

Use case 2: Gearbox lubrication failure

The model is able to detect a loss of lubricant in the worm gearbox housing if it falls below a certain level. It can be detected from a small loss of lubricant. The anomaly can be reliably detected on a sensor located directly on the gearbox.

Based on the alert, the service team inspected the gearbox with an infrared camera. The system prevented 80k EUR asset damage.

Learn more about Neuron Soundware

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Why Neuron soundware?

Via extremely precise sound analysis and AI, the impact is maximum quality control, safety & compliance, predictive maintenance, thus increasing productivity, energy saving, and reducing downtime and the scrap rates normally associated with manufacturing operations.

Optimize machine availability and quality of output. Reduce maintenance costs and energy consumption

Prevent unscheduled production shutdowns

About 60 % of breakdowns are related to unforeseen events.

Eliminate the high costs of maintenance, and extend equipment lifecycles

Increase production by 5 % to 20%, while improving safety and compliance.

Automate maintenance strategies

Make your maintenance strategies more efficient, digitised and automated. Reduce operating cost by 35 %.

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