Download our new eBook! ‘20,000 Leagues Under The Sea re-imagined. What if Captain Nemo used Neuron soundware?’

– Feb 6, 2020 –

NSW | Team

Artificial intelligence is all around us. Neuron soundware is leading the field of predictive maintenance and revolutionising Industry 4.0 by analysing the sounds that machines make. Based on this acoustic data, we deploy cutting edge machine learning methods to be able to predict whether these machines are going to break or not. By protecting machines, we ensure better business.

We thought it’s about time to write a story about it. More specifically, we’ve rewritten the story of Jules Verne’s ‘20,000 Leagues Under The Sea, with a Neuron soundware twist’.

Sit back, get yourself a hot cup of tea. Download our eBook. Join us on the journey of imagining what it would be like if Captain Nemo had our solution available…

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Sneak peek of Chapter 1:

It’s a dark, stormy night. The Nautilus trashes through the heavy seas.

Suddenly, a clank.

A gear falls off one of the diesel engines.

Water rushes in.

Panic sets in.

Captain Nemo looks on in desperation as the submarine which seemed to be in pristine condition starts to slowly sink.

‘If only I had a state-of the-art IoT hardware and artificial intelligence which would have listened to Nautilus’ gears and warned me ahead of time that this was going to happen!’

Is it too late for our courageous crew? Surely, they will pay a heavy price for this catastrophe…

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