End-of-line Testing

End-of-line Testing

Ensure that the quality of the finished product is within specification.

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Increase your product quality by 63 %

Whether it is a single unit or an assembly, testing of the product against the physical parameters specified is achieved in real-time and in situ, and is non-destructive, with significant benefits to you, your OEMs, their customers and the planet. 

Outcome: Should the limits be exceeded, adjustments can then be automatically executed via the software, or alternatively, the production team can be alerted so they can inspect and make the necessary adjustments themselves. 

End-of-line testing targeted to date (but the possibilities are limitless)

  • NVH (noise, vibration, harshness) testing of assembled automotive subsystems
  • Electric motors testing
  • HVAC units testing
  • Final compressors testing
  • Grinding and milling of solid materials to prescribed particle size
  • Polishing of hard materials to prescribed finish
  • Acoustic testing of assembled white goods appliances
  • Acoustic testing of vehicle transmissions
  • Acoustic testing of assembled bearings and sliders NVH testing of robotic parts

Product recalls avoided

The administrative problems and legal liability issues connected with product recalls are avoided 

No release of out-of-spec products

Improved safety and compliance due to elimination of release of defective products, avoiding potentially costly liability problems 

Eliminate scrap

The out of spec production normally associated with manufacturing processes is minimised. Significant cost savings arise due to optimum use of base materials

Damages curtailed

With the non-release of defective products, all potential consequential damages are avoided

Claims avoided

Guarantees and warrantee claims are avoided with considerable cost savings

Reputational damage avoided

Ensure your future markets by maintaining a reputation for excellent quality

OEMs will love you

By consistently supplying reliable quality the OEMs will keep coming back for more,

Total control over quality 

Control the quality of  product in situ in real time, thus achieving optimum quality, always

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