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How is the collected data secured?
We use secure cloud servers operated physically in the EU (from Google in Amsterdam, NL). Each device has its own encryption token for secure communication with the back-end platform. No data is stored in the device itself. Any access to the nShield platform is secured by credentials and SSL encryption. For network admins we recommend creating VPN for our devices.

Can you run the AI algorithms on the edge so no data is transferred to the cloud? We don’t want data to leave the facility premises.
The AI algorithm runs on cloud or edge (edge is the default option). Calibration/training of algorithms is always on the cloud and it is based on machine’s data and Neuron’s sound database. As Neuron monitors edge’s operation and updates edge’s software via network, network connection is a mandatory precondition for the service delivery.

Installation & support

Are you able to provide complete service on-premise?
Yes for the operational phase. The nEdge device does run the AI algorithm. The data can be interpreted offline and the results of the analysis can be transferred directly to the customer systems via defined APIs.

If I broke a sensor / device. How quickly are you able to replace it?
Products are standardized. We will supply you with spare materials. So you can replace it immediately.

Where should I put the nEdge?
Based on the questionnaire you will or have already filled, our technicians advise where the nEdge should be placed. In general though, nEdge should be placed in dry environments, where they aren’t exposed to being damaged by accidental hits. The device itself has an ingress protection rating of IP40 and can handle temperatures from -10°C up to 50°C. The sensors can handle surface temperatures from -40°C up to 120°C.
Note: Please make sure that all of the nEdge equipment is installed in accordance with mandatory standards and regulations (e.g. ATEX) and operational regulations at the factory/site.

Will the installation leave any damage or marks on my machine?
We don’t need to screw, bolt or to attach the sensor permanently to the machine. However we use epoxide glue (or in special cases magnets) and for the best adhesion the paint needs to be removed. Glue can be easily removed with heat.

Do I need to buy the materials to attach the sensors?
Don’t worry, we will provide you with our installation kits, where you will find everything you need for attaching the sensor. Only tools you will need will be a wrench for fastening the nuts and something to remove the paint from the machine.

How long does the installation take?
It depends on the type of machine, but the attaching itself is quick and easy. In the first part you glue the screw that will hold the sensor to your machine, using the glueing gadget we provide. After a few hours the glue is rock solid and ready to have the gadget removed and have the sensor attached to it with a nut. However, this process depends on the temperature, the colder it gets, the longer the glue takes to harden and if the machine is still warm or the temperature is high, the process is much faster.

What shall I do if a sensor or device is damaged during installation?
Please contact Neuron SW for further instructions. It is strictly forbidden to disassemble or modify the nEdge device.

How do I determine if the nEdge is ready to start collecting data?
After connecting the nEdge device to the power supply, you will find on one side of the nEdge a diode that indicates the status of the device:
green – ok
blue light – the device is booting
flashing blue – no connection
red – the device can’t record or upload

Is there a specific torque for sensor screwing?
No, all you need for fastening the nut on the screw is a size 13 wrench.

What do I do if the sensor falls off?
After the initial installation there should be enough of the glue left for multiple additional attachments of fallen sensors. Just remove the old glue and repeat the process.
Note: Make sure you re-attach the sensor to the exact same spot it has been glued to previously.

How can I get sensors with the correct length?
When ordering, you provide information about needed count and lengths of the cables.

Is it necessary to treat the machine’s surface somehow before glueing?
We need you to remove paint and clean that surface really well, remove dust,oils and anything that can prevent the glue adhesion.

Is there any maintenance needed for the sensors and the device?
Software maintenance is done by us remotely. We might occasionally ask you to perform simple hardware maintenance tasks.

Do you have the necessary certifications to install nEdge to the electric grid?
We provide all the necessary materials, manuals, guides and certifications for installation. We provide assistance for installation either offsite or onsite (online is an extra service). We could contract installation on the customer’s site, but we recommend making an installation utilizing the customer’s existing staff or partners for easy and compliant installation.

How can I mount a microphone?
We will provide you with a microphone clip. You can attach it to a microphone stand of your choice that will fit your work environment. If you don’t have enough space for a stand, you can attach it to a machine, a wall, or ceiling, if there aren’t other sources of noise (something smashing into the wall).

Is it possible to attach sensors without gluing?
We can also provide you with magnets to attach them. Please consult with our expert about the impact on the quality of sound in your specific case.

Would the preamplifier work with 3,3V on the Yellow core instead of 5V?
Yes, it will work. It was already tested on our prototype wireless sensor.

What’s the expected time frame for implementing a new installation?
It takes a couple minutes to install the hardware. You need to have the HW part prepared, the machine needs to be switched off and the network connectivity with 230V needs to be prepared. After that you wait for the glue to get solidified to attach the sensors to the machine firmly.
As soon as you connect the nEdge you see the basic information about your machine. Then the data is collected and within two weeks you get the first anomalies.

Hardware: nEdge

Can one IoT device monitor more machines?
Yes. Several sensors can be connected to one nEdge, depending on hardware configuration. These sensors can monitor different machines or multiple components of a complex machine.

What’s the operating temperature for nEdge?
Standard range for nEdge is -10 ° C to + 60 ° C. If required. We can supply durable and IP55+ version for industrial use.

Do we have WEEE certification for nEdge?
Yes. See operating manual. HW is consigned and should be returned back to NSW after the use. NSW is compliant with 185/2001 (local implementation of WEEE)

What is the nEdge device’s Ingress Protection (IP)?
The nEdge device’s ingress protection code is IP40.

Is nEdge certified?
Certificate FTZÚ 20 ATEX 0015
Certificate: EU Declaration of Conformity, CE

What are the dimensions and weights of the nEdge?
130x130x40 mm (WxLxH), 1 000g, ALU case
Device specification is available for download here.

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