Gears, motors, chains, pulleys, tension rods, bearings, comb plates
Escalators failure detection (Austria)

Stressed escalator units resulting in
breakdowns outside of schedules maintenance checks

Escalator mechanical units are stressed beyond the design limits during operation. The customer requires information regarding the status of the units in order to schedule maintenance based on realistic anticipation of problems. A lack of experienced personnel is exacerbating the situation.


Remote overview of escalator state and availability

Using their proprietary software/hardware solution, NSW produces utilization reports in real time which enable efficient maintenance scheduling and provide essential operational insights. These include the time of escalator availability and logs of performed maintenance procedures.


Escalator uptime reports in real time

  • Remote access to the machines saves time and labor costs
  • Access to basic machine information such as running / not running
  • Comprehensible benchmarking of operation and maintenance
  • Effectiveness across sites


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