On June 17, we kicked off our already third significant interaction with the aerospace industry in our three year company history. The European Space Agency’s Business Incubation Centre (ESA BIC) in Prague has selected Neuron soundware among five new companies to join the current group of 16. These ESA’s centres provide the backing and support for innovative technology start-ups that work with space technologies, develop them further and seek their commercial use. In reality this means that we will run a 12-month project in which we receive some funds and mentorship, but most importantly the access to ESA’s business units to work on some cool space stuff.

The aerospace industry is really an exciting industry to be in. And it definitely is not an unknown industry to Neuron soundware. By passing through the Airbus BizLab acceleration program in Hamburg in the first half of 2018, we gained the first aerospace experience and through realization of two proof-of-concept projects, we developed an initial set of capabilities that are key for the industry. Then, later in 2018, we made it with our technology among the top three companies in the Industry 4.0 category of the Innovationspreis der Deutschen Luftfahrt in Berlin, competing head to head with renowned companies like Fraunhofer or Premium AEROTEC. In 2019 and 2020, we are going to follow with a next chapter.

What will the ESA BIC project mean to Neuron soundware’s business and capabilities?

  • More capable/certified IoT HW: We will further develop and adapt our HW (IoT devices and sensors), including passing of industry-specific certification.
  • Higher quality: We will work with ESA experts to improve and standardize our SW/HW development and testing processes and procedures.
  • Commercial service development: Will get a chance to work on a commercial project, develop a MVP for a selected ESA business unit, which hopefully will result in a service provision agreement.

Our priority is to engage with ESTEC Mechanical Data Lab, which provides the majority of ESA spacecraft pre-flight test including mechanical and physical vibration, acoustic and shock tests.

Read the official ESA BIC Prague’s press release that includes an infographic under this link.