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IoT device | Multi-parametric sensors | Edge computing

We developed our own proprietary IoT Edge device

Our current hardware is a result of six years of development. We implemented dozens of installations in different environments and installed hundreds of sensors. By the nature of what we do, the quality of audio processing has always been essential to us – digitizing audio is not easy, we process large amounts of data using the special equipment to get outstanding results.

ATEX and CE certification

Ensure safe operation of equipment even in a hazardous environments.

A wide range of sensors

We monitor devices where traditional methods are not sufficient. With sound, vibrations, temperature, current and other physical parameters.

Quick non-invasive installation

Remote support, online help desk with video tutorials for an independent installation.

Edge computing on IoT hardware

The edge devices are capable of delivering full ML algorithms/AI functionality in production

Secured communication through data encryption

All processed information is protected by standard encryption.

Attachable to any device or component

The sensors can be mounted on a device by glue, magnets, or screws. We monitor both rotating and non-rotating machines.

Industrial device
nEdge 4|21/22 AD*

In 2022 we launched IoT sound device nEdge.

This device brings together all layers of IoT architecture (sensing, data processing a network layer) to one physically connected object.

The network layer works as an integrational element. Within the data processing run complex machine learning algorithms. And the sensing layer via an ADC connects to sound or other sensors.

The device records and process sound and other input data. The data and results are also uploaded using LAN to NeuronSW nGuard platform. On-site integration can be done via SFTP, or via MQTT.

Read the whole specification of the IoT device >>

Sensitive and durable sensors

We have sensors for different situations – we select them specifically for a given project and situation. Here you can see what types we work with most often.

Audio signals processing

Sensors in more detail

To eliminate random effects on one variable, we add the possibility of installing other types of sensors for measuring variables such as temperature, electric current, etc.

Piezo-ceramic structure-born sound sensors

Very durable piezo-ceramic structure-born sound sensor operating in different environments with temperature −30 °C to 110 °C.

Industry-standard vibro-diagnostic sensors

Industry-standard vibro-diagnostic sensor for collection of vibration data.

Directional air-borne sound sensor

A directional air-borne sound sensor (microphone) is good for the collection of audible to ultrasonic acoustic data when it is not possible to connect sensors directly to the monitored asset – for example, for parts that rotate and nothing can be screwed there.

Multi-parametric diagnostics

All other kinds of additional signals

Current sensors

Non-contact DC current sensing. High isolation between input and output. Unipolar or Bipolar Measurement. Input range up to 2000A.

Temperature sensors

Temperature sensors are made from NTC thermistors, cast in a metal shell with thermal grease. Large electric resistance corresponding to double insulation requirements.  Thermal contact between thermistor and temperature sensor environment.

Speed sensors

Durable, cost-effective solution in most harsh environments. Omni-directional sensor to target orientation. Digital output Small size.

Pressure sensors

For pressure measurement in the range of 0-10 bar with 4-20 mA output signal. The sensor is designed for measuring pressure in water and water-glycol mixtures.

Flow meters

The small turbine meter is ideal for the accurate measurement of low viscous and non-aggressive fluids. Most suited for flow rates from 0,5 to 35 l/min.

Tilt sensors

Application: 1-Axis Position Monitoring and Leveling. Measurement Range 360°. Absolute Accuracy 0.10°. Supply Voltage 10 – 30 VDC.

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