Predictive Maintenance

Unplanned downtime of a cogeneration unit (CHP), critical compressor, generator, pump, conveyor belt or an elevator typically has a high impact on its profitability. The repair cost and lost production time might easily be upwards of hundreds of EUR/hour. We use Artificial Intelligence to recognize upcoming mechanical failures and provide you enough time to organize/secure timely maintenance in order to avoid collateral damage.

Our Service

Revolutionary Algorithms

Neuron soundware has developed a next generation algorithm leveraging latest technologies in machine learning and artificial intelligence. The system monitors different components of machines in order to recognize anomalies or known issues such as overheating, damaged bearings, knocking rollers, damage in exhaust pipes, loosening of the engine bolts, etc. The maintenance team is warned by text message or e-mail notification typically 2-7 days in advance.

Lower maintenance costs

by saving on material and spare parts

Reduce lost production time

and increase revenue 

Reduce energy costs

by saving gas and fuel

Optimize asset value

by prolonging lifetime
Monitor & Visualize results using our platform

Upcoming failure? No problem!

Access the platform from any device, see status of your machine and have access to all audio recordings and alerts. The basic monitoring service is up and running in a few days after the installation. All recordings can be played and labelled online for algorithmic training & improvement.

Quick Return on Investment

Technology Pays Back Easily & Quickly

Our solution is provided as a service so you don’t need to worry about the management of the monitoring system. We will do all the work for you. Our team keeps the Industrial Intelligent IoT units secure with periodical service updates the service without any extra cost. Our customers usually see high ROI in the first year.

What Our Customers Say
“We are working on a solution for predictive maintenance to decrease the downtime and your solution sounds really interesting.”
We deployed the solution to a fleet of CHP units. We’ve been seeing positive results and hence we are now evaluating long-term business benefits for the whole group.”

Let AI work for you

The solution can be deployed in hours. No IT involvement is required. Just plug our device into electricity, connect the sensors and you can start recording data and access our online dashboard.


We ship you the IoT device and all sensors


Remote updates of the device and algorithm


Receive notification and warnings


Scale-up the system to whole machine fleet

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