Monitoring and control of flow of materials
Monitoring and control of material viscosity (Czechia)

Maintaining specifications of the original material

The customer recycles old material by mixing it with new material and adding special chemicals, in the process creating a mix that maintains the specification of the original material. The recycling process is complicated by the use of specialized grinding machines equipped with ceramic pins that are susceptible to breaking. Pin breakages can cause serious damage to the entire grinding machine. Any deviation from the correct material mix causes out-of-spec viscosity resulting in entire material batch to be discarded.


Preventing any damages caused by broken ceramic pins

NSW AI and Machine Learning solution monitors all the critical parts of the process and prevents any damages caused by broken ceramic pins and out-of-spec viscosity mix. The NSW system is ATEX certified.


Elimination of material scrap

  • Significantly lower maintenance cost
  • Elimination of unplanned stoppages
  • Lower production cost
  • Increased productivity
  • Elimination of material scrap
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