Grinding and milling machines
Monitoring and control of end-quality of milled hard materials (Czechia)

18-hour long milling cycles

The customer’s requirement was to produce milled material of identical and consistent granular specification from various material batches. The customer deployed 18-hour milling cycles, as these were deemed to produce the required output quality. However, this method did not allow for any kind of quality control during the lengthy cycles, sometimes resulting in “over-milling” or “under-milling” of the material with considerable time and material losses.


Control over the granularity of milled material

The NSW solution, based on AI and Machine Learning algorithms, was deployed to “listen” to the milling process and provide control over the granularity of milled material thus optimizing the time required to produce the desired particle size of the material.


Reduced testing costs

  • Significant lower rate of customer claims
  • Higher quality product
  • Improved reputation with OEM
  • Reduced testing costs
  • Total product quality traceability
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