Monitoring of Heat & Power generation plant
The challenge: Ensuring the power & heat generation fleet is in operational state 24/7

Unplanned downtime

Cogeneration units are – as a critical infrastructure – required to be operational at a moments notice by State. If they are not, the plant operator loses on government subsidies, or is penalised. Ensuring the power & heat generation fleet is in operational state requires constant presence of monitoring and servicing crews as well as earlier than usual exchange of parts – seized cylinder or burned down generator can take days, even weeks, to repair. This significantly lowers the profit margin.


Online remote monitoring with nGuard

Sensors located at the bearing housings and intake valve help determine bearing health. This helps customer in scheduling maintenance, ordering material and hiring external workers. 24/7 monitoring and nGuard platform offer more flexibility than standard vibrodiagnostics solutions on the market. An IoT sensor-equipped nGuard solution monitors both the gas engine itself and the generator. Alerts are sent to the plant operators to either turn the engine off or schedule maintenance – based on suggestions from our diagnosticians.


Saving maintenance costs and increasing maintenance efficiency

  • Preventing damage of the machine – notification sent directly to customers system when NSW solution detects suspicious sound
  • Reduced penalties for plant operator
  • Remote health monitoring for servicing purposes
  • Better work conditions for plant workers
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