Neuron Soundware adds huge value to wind farm operators and wind turbine manufacturers

Wind has one of the greatest potentials to increase countries’ renewable capacity growth, which explains why it’s one of the fastest-growing energy sources in the world.

Over the last two decades, the industry has grown fast; it has lowered technology costs to be on a par with, or even cheaper than, fossil fuels in some parts of the world, and increased efficiency through bigger and bigger turbines.

As more governments have announced ambitious climate targets, pressure on companies to increase the development of renewables has grown. However, financing some wind projects is becoming a challenge for a number of reasons. Amongst them, quality issues and excessive wear and tear in certain components, including rotor blades and bearings, are causing major concern for investors, wind farms operators and wind turbines manufacturers.

Neuron Soundware’s founder and CEO, Pavel Konecny, said:” We anticipated such potential problems a long time ago. We have spent more than three years developing, testing and perfecting technology utilizing acoustic emissions and other physical parameters to monitor, in real time and in situ, all major components of wind turbines ranging from bearings and generators to gearboxes and blades. Today we have a well-proven robust monitoring system based on AI and machine learning that provides vital information about overall turbine health and performance. Based on our analyses, the operation of each individual turbine as well as of the entire wind farm can be optimised to provide operators with the maximum performance at the minimum cost. Such a monitoring system is becoming critical especially for offshore wind farms where the operating conditions, size of turbines and the overall running cost represent the biggest challenge for the investors, operators and owners. Our technology prevents failures in components and sub-systems that could result in significant losses, as widely reported by the wind turbine industry over the past several months. Our monitoring system can make the difference between running a reliable and profitable wind turbine farm and a farm struggling with failures and operating losses. With our partners we can take this challenge to another level where our technology is seamlessly integrated with spare parts ordering, inventory control, and maintenance scheduling. “

In short, Neuron Soundware SE offers fully comprehensive real-time AI and machine learning based monitoring services for onshore and offshore wind turbines.

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