Neuron Soundware SE enters the world of nuclear fusion

At present, there are not many industries as cutting-edge as nuclear fusion. Fusion energy is the unlimited, carbon-free, ultimate green energy of the future. Fusion power will provide a stable supply of clean energy, allowing Earth’s carbon cycle to return to pre-industrial levels last seen in the 18th century. The fusion industry is poised to help the world achieve the energy transition to net zero carbon emissions.The companies involved in development of nuclear fusion technologies are determined to deliver a new energy for humankind.
One of these cutting-edge technology enterprises was seeking a solution supplier that could provide the same level of technological excellence as themselves. And they found it in the Czech-based company, Neuron Soundware SE (NSW), with whom a contract has been signed recently.

Neuron Soundware develops complete solutions based on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to monitor and control a vast variety of equipment, machinery, and processes. Their technology utilizes acoustic emissions and other physical parameters such as electric current, temperature, pressure, magnetic field, and many others including digital images. The company has developed unique capabilities to monitor and control any machine irrespective whether it is linear, rotating, pulsating, oscillating, reciprocating or even without any moveable parts.

NSW was selected to deliver a solution for the monitoring and control of key parts of the fuel cycle system. This represents one of the most significant challenges for the fusion industry, as it needs to secure continuous fuel supply.
A primary challenge facing companies commercializing fusion technology is building a supply chain. The pace of innovation by fusion technology developers is setting a new standard for traditional fusion suppliers. NSW has clearly demonstrated its outstanding technological and innovative capabilities, that it can deliver solutions in new advanced ways and with exceptional efficiency. The company has also shown its competence in delivering solutions to well established traditional market segments such as material handling, CNC machining and oil & gas processing as well as new hi-tech industries including semiconductor manufacturing, robotics, space exploration, and nuclear fusion.
The founder and CEO of NSW, Pavel Konecny, said: “Deliveries to a nuclear fusion developer show, again, that Neuron Soundware can provide solutions for the most technological challenging industries and customers demanding nothing less than excellence, always.”

(Under the terms of the NDA with the client and sensitivity of the technology involved, NSW is not allowed to disclose the name of the client or describe the solution in greater details. We will provide more information as soon as we are permitted to do so.)