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A diagnostician receives an alert about a pump anomaly. Before stopping the pump, he checks the possible cause of the fault in the nGuard diagnostic tool. Through remote analysis, he determines that the fault is not directly on the pump, but in the piping upstream of the pump. Based on this, a decision is made to shut down the pump outside of core operating hours and to check the piping.

Take advantage of Neuron soundware technology and avoid more than 50% of critical failures!

Neuron soundware is sometimes compared to conventional vibro diagnostics. Our experience with the oil pump for frying traditional Czech potato chips proved that our diagnostics technology using sound and AI is more sensitive and able to alert staff to potential problems in the machinery earlier than conventional methods.

Neuron soundware detected an impending fault in the piston helium compressor for hardening gearboxes in the automotive industry. In March 2021 our AI detected an impending critical fault in the piston compressor, which later culminated in machine downtime. Early detection of this fault represents a concrete result and proof of how machine learning algorithms can assist in predictive maintenance.

Many customers ask us how artificial intelligence works in detecting audio anomalies. We have prepared an article with an illustrative example of escalator monitoring.

Neuron soundware solution for machine health monitoring successfully detected faults on air compressors that would be difficult to detect by other diagnostic methods. This saved the production of car rims for a 50-million per year car wheel producer.

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