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Unplanned downtime and high maintenance costs have a significant impact on the industry, costing businesses billions of euros annually, and robotics is no exception. This article provides an insight into how Neuron Soundware addresses this challenge with AI-driven acoustic continuous monitoring, enabling early fault detection and increasing the operational efficiency of industrial robots.

In the fast-paced world of CNC machining, efficiency and precision are critical to success. We are excited to introduce a groundbreaking study that unveils a novel method for optimizing CNC machine operations using a technology called Reinforcement Learning (RL). This innovation promises to enhance productivity while reducing operational costs, all while relying solely on acoustic sensors to monitor and guide the process.

Neuron Soundware (NSW) has a mammoth library of more than 1.1 billion sound recordings. Although to date the company has used this library mainly for condition monitoring of machines and control of various manufacturing processes, sound can be also used as a powerful tool in product design.

CNC machining operations are an essential part of modern manufacturing, with applications spanning various industries from automotive and aerospace to medical devices. Monitoring machine tool degradation is crucial for ensuring the quality of the machined parts and preventing catastrophic failures that can lead to costly downtime.

The maintenance and monitoring of wind turbine blades are critical for ensuring optimal performance of wind turbines and preventing catastrophic failures. Recent advancements in electronics and sensory technology have drawn attention to the potential of using acoustic emissions-based systems for monitoring the condition of the turbine blades.

In the realm of modern manufacturing, Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machines are indispensable tools. However, maintaining their performance poses a significant challenge due to the inevitable wear and tear on machine tools. Let's explore how Neuron Soundware's innovative use of AI and Machine Learning has greatly enhanced CNC machine monitoring, ushering in a new era of efficiency and reliability.

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