nGuard Web-based Software Application
Gain insights into the machine state and quality of the process anywhere, anytime.

A powerful tool for operational and plant managers.

Explore features used on more than 130 installations worldwide which help to control machine availability and efficiency of the production.

1. Machine fleet monitoring

Machine health history overview
Dashboard overview

Have all machines state from all plants at one dashboard. Utilize easier overview of all past machines states . Whether they are In Maintenance, Broken, sending Alerts or in any yet unknown state.

Machine-fleet-health management
Identify bottlenecks in production

See all your machines on one simple dashboard. Get insight into uptime and downtime so you can improve production efficiency. Identify all equipment operation state across all sites on a single dashboard: utilisation rate of each machine, including additional information on anomalous conditions.

2. Machine state monitoring

Sensor data overview at 1 graph

Detail information for a specific machine & placement in the form of a graph with timeline Take a look across an alert list and overview of key metrics over all sensors of the machine. Monitor the trend of different parameters on each sensor in real time – loudness (overall sound energy), anomaly score (deviation from nominal state) and RMS velocity (value of vibration) to have a basic knowledge of a machine operation in any given time.

List of all events on a machine

See a list of popped up events and get the list of information about a specific machine & component behavior history. You can either see a list of all events or filter according to a type of event such as Alerts notifications, Maintenance actions or a Broken status of a machine.

3. Machine diagnostics

Powerful analytics tool directly integrated into the nGuard web interface

View and compare arbitrary sections of the machine’s life. Track the evolution of anomalies and look for faults. See side-by-side comparisons of samples from any period on a single screen. You can listen to and download machine audio. For each sample you can immediately see the loudness value representing its total energy and anomaly score. By displaying the data as a spectrogram, you no longer miss anything. You can view the sound recording in such high resolution that you can even see short pulses or beats.

Frequency spectrum analysis

Frequency spectrum analysis allow the user to examine specific faults and find defects based on vibro diagnostic empirical findings. The user can plot the frequency spectrum of the selected time periods to examine specific faults and find defects based on vibro diagnostic empirical findings. The individual waveforms have an order corresponding to the order in which the user has selected them. The diagnostician has the possibility to switch between linear and logarithmic display of the vertical axis, as well as the possibility to switch between acceleration and velocity view. Clicking and dragging can of course zoom in on the frequency region of interest to the user, or the fields above the graph can also be used to specify the exact range of frequencies. The user also has a variety of tools at his disposal to make his work easier.

4. Machine implementation guidance

Manage your company, site and machines with ease.

Add a new machine through an onboarding wizard designed for straightforward independent installation in a few minutes. Manage your companies and projects. Add or remove devices. Manage users of the portal. Get help with the solution via Helpdesk – Perform the installation and setup in a few short steps. Personalise your portal notifications.

Transparent machine & sensors configuration

Select your custom name for the individual placements to easily distinguish among them. Set the machine category according to the global ISO 20816 standard. Define the nominal speed of the machine or, if your machine has a frequency converter, switch on the RPM AUTO function for automatic speed detection. This allows automatic monitoring of speed-related faults.

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