NSW is turning impossible into the run-of-the-mill every day’s event

People always raise eyebrows when they see in Neuron Soundware’s (NSW) materials that the company can monitor virtually any machine that exists, irrespective if it is a rotary machine, reciprocating, linear, pulsating or even a machine without any moveable parts. How is this possible? How can one read acoustic signatures from a machine that does not have any moveable parts?
As long as there are moving parts, industrial machinery will make noise. Even the most expensive set of precision bearings will transform some mechanical energy into noise. In some cases, the noise is very slight, and in other cases, the noise is at a nuisance level, making conversation in the room difficult, or requiring the operators to use hearing protection. But there is always some noise. Surely, without any moveable parts there cannot be any noise, so how can NSW read acoustic signatures from machines without any moveable parts?

Through its sophisticated ray of sensors, NSW’s AI and machine learning algorithms can capture acoustics from machines emitting noise such as transformers, battery charges and inventers. These machines emit sound even if they do not have any moveable parts. It is not surprising that energy utility companies are increasingly looking at NSW for solutions to prevent failures in such energy distribution and transmission equipment. 

NSW is currently working on a number of innovative solutions in areas such as power transformers stations, large battery storage facilities, photovoltaic power generation plants and others. Acoustic monitoring of machines without moving parts offers many benefits, including the detection of hidden failures, efficient maintenance, and continuous monitoring. Unlike traditional methods that rely on vibration and performance monitoring, acoustic monitoring provides a contactless way to detect anomalies and potential issues.

Neuron Soundware is leading the way to the monitoring of equipment that only a few years ago would not be feasible.