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Maximize your return on assets

You invest large budgets in plant equipment and industrial assets, and your overall goal is to maximize the return on assets (ROA). The costs of downtime can be enormous for you, so predictive maintenance capabilities are crucial. For many years your industry has been focused on vibrations analysis and other failure prediction techniques. Now, Neuron soundware has introduced the advanced audio diagnostics solutions powered by AI and IoT which are ready to bring you additional business benefits.

Case studies and customer testimonials

How to tackle unplanned downtime and decrease repair costs of CHP Units?

Avoid more than 50% of critical mechanical failures.

First, we deployed the solution to a fleet of CHP units. The results were really positive, so we are now thinking of long-term cooperation, which will benefit the whole group.

Ing. Jan Regner

Manager of Information Systems and Technologies Division, MVV Energie CZ

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