Prague public transport chooses Neuron soundware for predictive escalator maintenance

– Dec 17, 2020 –

NSW | Team

DPP, Prague’s public transport company, has begun working with Neuron soundware, a leading Czech tech firm in Industry 4.0, on predictive maintenance for escalators.  The project involves the continual automated monitoring of 21 escalators. This will help the company focus on specific machinery (or parts) in its inspections and checks, improve monitoring of the degree of wear and tear, and replace or repair defective parts before they cause outages.

Look at the secret space under the escalators hidden to ordinary everyday commuters. 

“Like all machinery in the transport system, escalators can break down, which can lead to delays in a critical part of the transport infrastructure. We want to embrace digitalization in monitoring our equipment, which is why we chose a solution where sensors collect acoustic data and process it using AI. This allows us to monitor the equipment remotely and send a specialist out if our Neuron Soundware equipment warns us of a change in the condition of the escalator parts,” comments Ing. Petr Vondráček, Head of Transportation System Service, Traffic Route Metro.

Difficulty accessing the equipment, needing to make repairs outside ordinary operations, and long waiting times for replacement parts all make escalator maintenance more complicated. Neuron Soundware is fitting 21 escalators with 189 sensors, adding the Prague transport company to its list of customers using automatic machine monitoring in the automotive, mining and energy industries.

“Certain escalator components are found in places difficult for a human to access, often with no phone signal or internet connectivity. For cases such as this we developed a version of our equipment that allows us to process the signal completely in the end unit, at the location where the sound is recorded. We make use of a reliable, ultimately less costly data processing solution on-site in a microcomputer with no need to send terabytes of data from each machine to the cloud, comments Ing. Pavel Konečný, CEO at Neuron Soundware.


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