Predictive maintenance

Predictive maintenance

The monitoring of machinery and equipment to detect potential failure, before it happens

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Increase your productivity by 25 %
with predictive maintenance

Should any anomaly be detected, which falls outside the specified limits, management is alerted immediately via  communications software/hardware, so decisions can be taken on what action is required.   

Equipment targeted to date (but the possibilities are limitless)

  • CHP units
  • Diesel and gas engines
  • Gas turbines
  • Electric Generators
  • Electric motors
  • Electric winches
  • Gearboxes
  • Bearings (ball, roller) and sliders
  • Compressors and pumps
  • Wind turbines
  • Material handling equipment
  • Conveyors
  • Escalators
  • Lifts
  • Metal processing equipment
  • Packaging and printing equipment

Prevent unscheduled production shutdowns

Prevent unscheduled production shutdowns due to machine breakdowns (About 60% of breakdowns are related to unforeseen events. Via NSW’s predictive maintenance, these are eliminated)

Increase Productivity

Increased productivity from 5 to 20% can be achieved with predictive maintenance, while improving safety and compliance, and reducing the high costs of maintenance. By implementing machine monitoring technology jointly with predictive maintenance, production is maximized and fully within your control

Early Intervention

Real time alerts warn about upcoming failures so that you can act early. Reduce unplanned machine outages, increase OEE and prevent failures

Diagnostics reported in real time

Digital communication in real-time with immediate impact: Sensors connected to I0T devices are constantly collecting data, which AI interprets and in the event of a problem then sends immediate alerts so that mechanical problems can be addressed, such as critical levels of vibrations and noise being exceeded

Energy cost savings

With smart power metering sensors, you are able to detect when power consumption exceeds your set threshold/expected limit. This makes it easy to control and manage power consumption

Complete overview of capital assets

Comprehensive real-time information about the condition of your asset 24/7. Manage your entire machine fleet remotely through an online platform with a complete overview of your assets

Reduce repair cost 

Instead of replacing the entire piece of equipment due to a critical failure, a repair is made before that failure, and the cost is minimized to the price of the component and the labour needed for the repair. Well-performing assets are also more efficient and save energy costs.

Extend the lifecycles of machinery

Extend the lifecycles of machinery and equipment, your capital assets, by avoiding catastrophic failures. Monitoring and diagnosing a machine’s condition before it becomes problematic allows to solve issues soon and helps to keep your operation reliable

Real time failure detection

At the first sign of a malfunction, the nGuard alerts notify site teams. The person responsible can check the alert in the portal and knows exactly where to focus the maintenance effort

Optimize machinery maintenance plans

Optimise your maintenance schedule and planning. Prioritise and plan your maintenance activities with the insights gained from AI and machine learning.

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