Process Monitoring

Process Monitoring

Our technology can be leveraged in many different applications in process monitoring resulting in a variety of outcomes from increasing productivity to assurance of flawless production.

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Take advantage of unique AI sound detection technology for improving your process

Machines make thousands of different sounds and these sounds can vary in different situations and phases of the manufacturing process. Our technology can be used where particular states or trends manifest through sound.


Acoustic detection of product readiness

The material in the mill or grinder reached its desired state and quality. The process can be stopped at the right moment, saving hours of unnecessary processing time.

Acoustic detection of upcoming failures

Gravel in the escalator comb plate is discovered early. Cleaning and alignment can be done earlier, preventing major damages.

Acoustic detection of mechanical faults

End-of-line testing of automotive systems through vibration and sound. Machine learning algorithms assist and scale up unique human expertise, improving quality and OEE.

How does it work?

We attach an industrial IoT device to the machine or a selected part of it. The collected data are then AI processed and displayed in a simple dashboard. The end-to-end process coverage guarantees flawless technology utilization. From installation to data processing and guidance, we are in the heartbeat of the customer process. The in-depth process observation and knowledge enables you to benefit from not only initial improvement but continuous improvement as well.

1. Collect sounds and data

IoT devices equipped with machine learning. The data transfer to the server secured by encryption using either LAN or LTE.

2. Convert to predictive models

Sound and vibration signals arrow Evaluation of anomalies and trends based on comparison with machine knowledge and nominal behaviour of the monitored equipment.

3. Monitor. Optimize. Assess.

Change of process acoustic signature triggers notifications.

We deliver all-in-one solutions.
From installation to data evaluation.

1. Easy installation and configuration.

1. Easy installation and configuration.

Service can begin right after installation and configuration. Data collection and processing are done through a powerful industrial IoT device. Sensors capture the real-time sound of the machine and/or material.

First, the system must collect data on standard operation and calibrate the AI models, and then it can begin the monitoring service.

2. Remote Online Process Monitoring

2. Remote Online Process Monitoring

Gain insights into the monitored process anywhere, anytime. Enjoy an intuitive user interface to observe your process in real-time in an actionable level of detail. Machine learning will be used to predict product/process status, quality, and time-to-ready of the monitored processes.

3. Smart Notifications

3. Smart Notifications

Receive automatic notifications (e-mail/text message/portal info) in alignment with your process performance expectation and nominal measurement comparison (eg: information coming that the product is ready to move to the next process step).

4. Process Optimization

4. Process Optimization

Act in accordance with data provided (eg: stop the process, release the material, etc.). By incorporating learned AI, you can better plan, prioritize and save the time of your workforce and material/energy costs.

5. Digital Transformation of Process Monitoring

5. Digital Transformation of Process Monitoring

Our solution will continuously improve your process performance with always learning AI. The longer you use Neuron soundware monitoring, the more AI knows your process, and the better and more accurately it can communicate information and recommendations for your process engineers.

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Why Neuron soundware?

Via extremely precise sound analysis and AI, the impact is maximum quality control, safety & compliance, predictive maintenance, thus increasing productivity, energy saving, and reducing downtime and the scrap rates normally associated with manufacturing operations.

Optimize machine availability and quality of output. Reduce maintenance costs and energy consumption

Prevent unscheduled production shutdowns

About 60 % of breakdowns are related to unforeseen events.

Eliminate the high costs of maintenance, and extend equipment lifecycles

Increase production by 5 % to 20%, while improving safety and compliance.

Automate maintenance strategies

Make your maintenance strategies more efficient, digitised and automated. Reduce operating cost by 35 %.

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