Quality assurance

Quality assurance

The monitoring of machinery and equipment to detect potential failure, before it happens

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Increase your assembling quality by 37 %

The analysis and control of machines as they perform the function they are created for, so that the product is to the highest level of quality at all times..

All elements work together to measure the performance of machines, in the process assessing whether each individual machine is functioning within specified parameters to produce the product required at the quality specified. The equivalent of in-line testing.

Outcome: Should the limits be exceeded, adjustments can then be automatically executed via the software, or alternatively, the production team can be alerted so they can inspect and make the necessary adjustments themselves. 

Processes targeted to date (but the possibilities are limitless)

  • Grinding and milling
  • Cutting and drilling, and polishing
  • Welding and 3D printing
  • Power generating equipment efficiency
  • Pipeline throughput
  • Pump cavitation
  • Quality control of tools of CNC machines
  • HVAC deliveries
  • Extrusion and injection molding processes
  • Robotics performance
  • Industrial utilization of 4G and 5G communication
  • Compressors and pumps efficiencies

Total Control over Quality

Control the quality of  product in situ in real time, thus achieving optimum quality, always

Real Time Information

Comprehensive real-time information about the condition of  your asset and your product 24/7

Eliminate scrap

The out of spec production normally associated with manufacturing processes is minimised. Significant cost savings arise due to optimum use of base materials

Optimum utilization of assets

Track machine uptime and compare it across your entire machine fleet. examine historical trends and increase production efficiency

Energy cost savings

With smart power metering sensors, you are able to detect when power consumption exceeds your set threshold/expected limit. This makes it easy to control and manage power consumption

Minimize communication barriers

Sensors connected to I0T devices are constantly collecting real-time data. AI interprets the data, then send immediate alerts if there is an impending problem resulting from mechanical or other problems

Remote Fleet Management

Manage your entire machine fleet remotely through the online  platform with a complete overview of your assets

Shop floor data management

Connect to IoT hardware with a cloud to process information from all your machine. This allows you to use shop floor data wisely

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