End of line testing reshaped by AI

End of line testing reshaped by AI

Reduce the amount of manual testing by a staggering up to 95%.

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Reduce high process monitoring costs.
Get rid of production waste

Your production line assembles hundreds of units daily. You need to test each each assembled unit for quality at the end of the line.

Then the quality control automation and replacement of human judging approach by IoT device and AI will save you both scrape parts and testing costs. Let us show you how.

Use AI and machine learning algorithms
for higher testing efficiency

Connect IoT hardware with a cloud to process information from all machines you have on a shop floor. Here is what you get in case of one of our customers:

Improved data consistency

Monitoring and diagnosing a machine’s condition before it becomes problematic allows to solve issues soon and helps to keep your operation reliable.

Real-time failure detection

At the first sign of a malfunction, the nGuard alerts notify site teams. The responsible person can check the alert in the portal and knows exactly where to focus the maintenance effort.

Energy and equipment cost savings

Instead of replacing the entire piece of equipment due to critical failure, a repair is made before failure, and the cost is minimized to the price of the component and the labor needed for the repair. Well-performing assets are also more efficient and save energy costs.

5 steps for confident online
condition based maintenance

Neuron soundware provides you with all necessary equipment and knowledge to start real-time remote monitoring within hours from nEdge IoT device delivery.

The automated data collection allows you to manage your maintenance based on valid and accurate data and thus optimize your maintenance processes.


Easy setup allows for the service to start in a few days.


24/7 data collection, immediate results in nGuard platform.


Continuous algorithm improvement.


Smart alerts allow you to focus your efforts.


Full OEE and utilization data.

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process optimisation with AI?

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“This Neuron system is a vital tool that will be very helpful in the future for Maxion”

“The cost savings of using the predictive analytics and alert detection alone will more than pay for the cost of the service not to mention the costly rental fees and downtime that is accrued when compressors go down. Mieszko and his Team provide a great service and product that is well appreciated by the Maxion Team.”

Industrial Control Specialist
John Harper

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Iterative approach to deliver
the best solution for your needs

Our Acoustic Academy methodology is designed for cooperation for medium and long-term custom service development.
At the beginning we set up the initial meeting to agree the first goals and milestones.

To make data driven decisions we provide you all machine data processed to easy to read information from any device

Identify bottlenecks through machine health fleet management
All machines at one management dashboard. Uptime and downtime over all assets to help you improve production efficency.

Transparent machine history at one look
Investigate whether the machines were working according to the plan. Check the detected alerts.

Component-level diagnostics
The monitoring of complex machines with multiple components requires the installation of several sensors. Use sensor level drill-down view to understand component level health.

The most recent use cases

Acoustic detection
of product readiness

Production efficiency increased by 11% thanks to switching from a defined cycle to a ready-product-driven cycle will result in an average saving of 1–2 hour.

AI employed in wire production
anomaly detection

The tools used for a metal wire production get wore and teared. AI technology helps to detect blunting tools and saves a significant amount of material that would become scrap otherwise.

Car rims
quality control

Car rim end of line testing project helps to detect faulty products. Remote sound monitoring delivers an alert when a defective product appears on the line.

There is a reason why to choose
Neuron soundware

World’s Top 5 AI

Sound detection + AI = powerful technology for predicting upcoming failures. We proved that. Globally.

Deep machinery knowledge

AI combined with traditional mechanical knowledge combines to make a powerful tool to detect anomalies earlier than any human ear.

Experienced team

35 types of machines, 8 industries, 3 continents, 6 years of global experience

Learn more about Neuron Soundware

Take a closer look at our nEdge IoT hardware, nGuard software platform and case studies.

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Why Neuron soundware?

Via extremely precise sound analysis and AI, the impact is maximum quality control, safety & compliance, predictive maintenance, thus increasing productivity, energy saving, and reducing downtime and the scrap rates normally associated with manufacturing operations.

Optimize machine availability and quality of output. Reduce maintenance costs and energy consumption

Prevent unscheduled production shutdowns

About 60 % of breakdowns are related to unforeseen events.

Eliminate the high costs of maintenance, and extend equipment lifecycles

Increase production by 5 % to 20%, while improving safety and compliance.

Automate maintenance strategies

Make your maintenance strategies more efficient, digitised and automated. Reduce operating cost by 35 %.

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