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Welcome to Neuron Soundware’s Case Studies Hub, where you can explore our case studies and success stories. Dive into inspiring narratives showcasing how our AI-driven sound analysis technology is revolutionizing industries. Discover real-world transformations and the remarkable power of sound analysys in our case studies and success stories.

In this application, Neuron Soundware addresses industrial production challenges using mobile communication (4G and 5G) to enhance equipment performance. By acquiring and processing acoustic data from operating robots, their AI technology identifies unusual robotic arm movements. This solution ensures robust, cost-effective production by preventing damage and anomalies that could compromise the integrity of the production process, with multiple accompanying benefits.

Deployed to prevent the breakdown of components in specialized grinding machines, the NSW AI and Machine Learning solution monitors the process, preventing damage and maintaining correct viscosity of the material on the plant. Benefits include lower maintenance costs, fewer unplanned stoppages, reduced production expenses, increased productivity, and less material wastage.

A collaboration with NeuronSW involves utilizing IoT for tracking acoustic emissions from bearings, mechanical seals, and reactor shells. NeuronSW manages hardware installation, data acquisition, ML algorithm training, and service deployment. The project aims to enhance reactor agitator monitoring, benefiting from NeuronSW’s expertise in acoustics, software, and hardware development.

Addressing additive manufacturing challenges, the NSW solution offers real-time monitoring of 3D printers using acoustic signatures, images, and physical data. This innovation detects material faults during printing, curbing wastage, enhancing quality, and boosting efficiency. Benefits include material savings, reduced post-production testing, heightened productivity, profitability, and supplier reputation.