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A diagnostician receives an alert about a pump anomaly. Before stopping the pump, he checks the possible cause of the fault in the nGuard diagnostic tool. Through remote analysis, he determines that the fault is not directly on the pump, but in the piping upstream of the pump. Based on this, a decision is made to shut down the pump outside of core operating hours and to check the piping.

Neuron soundware detected an impending fault in the piston helium compressor for hardening gearboxes in the automotive industry. In March 2021 our AI detected an impending critical fault in the piston compressor, which later culminated in machine downtime. Early detection of this fault represents a concrete result and proof of how machine learning algorithms can assist in predictive maintenance.

The Prague Public Transport Company as well as Wiener Linien are taking a progressive approach to new trends in the field of predictive maintenance, reflecting the increasing expectations of passengers, as well as requirements for efficiency, human resource management, long-term investments, and the digitization of equipment and processes.

Neuron Soundware technology, based on evaluating the health of the machine according to its sounds with AI and machine learning algorithms, is applicable not only to the prevention of production downtime but also in process control within production processes such as verification of the quality of the material in the grinding process. Let us dive into a recent use case.

The modern biotechnology company helps fight serious infectious diseases, including COVID-19, by developing innovative vaccines. In its Czech plant, it uses the HVAC service of AZ Klima a.s. Through this subsidiary, ČEZ a.s. supported the installation of Neuron soundware technology at this plant.

The Czech startup Neuron Soundware, which develops solutions for automatic maintenance based on sound and vibration analysis of machines, has not only penetrated abroad, but also the frontiers of space. The technology combining IoT and artificial intelligence is mostly used on machines in factories or on escalators to avoid unplanned downtime.

Physics defines sound as a vibration that propagates as an audible wave of pressure through a transmission medium such as gas, liquid, or a solid. Most of the sounds we hear are generated from solid materials, including human speech. Although we need to breathe in order to speak, the muscle tension of the vocal cords must be precisely managed in order to generate the voice.

Neuron soundware was selected from more than 600 solutions from around the globe, to gather with the TOP16 Internet of Things Innovators 2021 at the 12th IOT Innovation World Cup® pitch and award ceremony, at the Hannover Messe Digital Edition to be then selected by the tech-savvy experts’ jury as one of the world´s TOP 5 Internet of Things Innovators 2021.

Prague subway transports a million passengers every day and the escalators are essential. So the mechanical components of the escalators are constantly used and worn. The operator needs to know when maintenance and replacement of the damaged component are required to avoid their failure. Neuron soundware has a predictive maintenance solution for such a problem.

It’s always great when somebody recognizes the value of your product. That’s why we are super excited to win 1st place in the BoostUp! RIS competition in the Accelerate Category. Now we are getting ready to collect our prize and start working with EIT Manufacturing Business Creation team to boost our growth and to reach out to new customers.

When I attended the CeBIT conference in Hannover in 2016, it was full of supposedly “smart” devices that didn’t seem particularly smart to me. The “smart” trend inspired many different devices that were essentially just connected to the internet. In most cases, their connectivity meant some additional, often narrowly defined, benefit for the user.