The year full of cha(lle)nges

– Mar 17, 2020 –

NSW | Team

Read how we implemented changes to overcome challenges and how the COVID-19 virus has changed everything.

Neuron soundware reshapes machine diagnostics and predictive maintenance. Our powerful AI recognizes sound patterns in real-time and provides unparalleled insight into how mechanical systems operate, so potential failures can be detected early.

But we have also reshaped ourselves over the past months. Backed up by new investors, we started scaling up quickly in the second half of 2019, while, at the same time, we needed to change the foundations of our organization. We went through a challenging period:

Nevertheless, the most noticeable change to the outside world is our new company messaging and new corporate identity. We already reflected it on our new website and gradually implement it in all other company presentations and communication materials.

We believe that every machine should be protected. That is why our vision sounds “Protecting machines and your business.” Our mission also emphasizes that “We enable you to operate your machines more efficiently and sustainably.” Indeed, you can minimize the risks associated with unplanned downtime and protect everything that matters for your business: your employees, your critical infrastructure, and your reputation. Our technology works in a wide variety of use cases across predictive maintenance, quality control, and process monitoring. It accelerates asset digitization and detects potential mechanical failures early.

Not only machines need protection nowadays. The society and the industry have been severely hit with precautions and bans related to the sudden outbreak of COVID-19 virus in the world. Some factories will slow down production or even stop it due to important workers staying home in quarantine. At the same time, other factories might need to go at full capacity at whatever cost; they will operate with a high risk of unplanned downtime due to insufficient machine monitoring and poor predictive capabilities.

How to avoid such disasters caused by a similar or even worse pandemic in the future? It’s hard to guess how companies will respond to this unprecedented market situation, what will be the net losses, and what drivers will influence their investment strategies in the upcoming months. But when the situation settles, I expect a lot of companies might start looking around for remote machine monitoring and AI-powered predictive maintenance solutions.

For now, we can keep our fingers crossed for a quick improvement, stay focused on fulfilling our mission and, of course, also work remotely. In any case, our warehouse is full of nBoxes, nCards, sensors, and microphones. We’re ready to ship the IoT devices, activate the online dashboards, and start monitoring critical assets anywhere and for anyone. Get in touch with us, and together we will make it work.

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