BUILDING A BETTER INDUSTRY: Machines, sound & intelligence

Join our webinar to learn how you could avoid unplanned downtime, reduce maintenance costs, or automate quality control

The COVID-19 has disrupted the world and caught the industry quite unprepared. Although it might take years to heal the scars caused by the pandemic entirely, the worst days seem to be behind us now. Let’s look together towards the future with some optimism and discuss how to protect your machines and ensure better business.

DATE: Tuesday, 16th June 2:00 – 3:00 PM (CET)


  • The world of maintenance in the post-COVID era
  • AI in the hands of a maintenance/quality technician
  • Customer stories from the Automotive & Energy industry and Quality control
  • Technology insight by Partner (Toyota Tsusho Europe)
  • Market insight by Investor (Inven Capital)
  • Questions and answers


  • Pavel Konecny, CEO & Co-Founder of Neuron soundware
  • David Hruby, Senior Manager, Machinery Department at Toyota Tsusho Europe
  • Viktor Miskovsky, Investment Director at Inven Capital

The webinar was delivered live on June 16. If you would like to replay the webinar recording or get the slide deck, please email us at

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