Make unplanned outages a thing of the past

Neuron soundware helps you work around the lack of skilled maintenance workers, minimize unplanned outages, prevent extensive machine failures and optimize manufacturing processes.

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Minimize your machine downtime
with precise sound-based early failure detection

AI & neural networks detect anomalies continuously with constant online reporting. Machine learning makes ongoing improvements to the detection algorithms, setting this diagnostic method apart from conventional solutions.


This Neuron system is a vital tool that will be very helpful in the future for Maxion.

“The cost savings of using the predictive analytics and alert detection alone will more than pay for the cost of the service not to mention the costly rental fees and downtime that is accrued when compressors go down. Mieszko and his Team provide a great service and product that is well appreciated by the Maxion Team.”

Industrial Controls Specialist at Maxion Wheels
John Harper

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The results were really positive.

“First, we deployed the solution to a fleet of CHP units. The results were really positive, so we are now thinking of long-term cooperation, which will benefit the whole group.”

Manager of Information Systems and Technologies Division, MVV Energie CZ
Ing. Jan Regner

You cannot plan production efficiently without predicting unpleasant events in operations.

“Early diagnostic tools are crucial for managing any modern utility company. That is why we believe Neuron soundware technology has contributed to our reliable operation.“

Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors of ČEZ and Chief Renewable Energy and Distribution Officer
Tomáš Pleskač

We contacted Neuron soundware to help us maintain production quality while maintaining continuous operation.

“Any outage can cost us up to hundreds of thousands of CZK a day. Due to the lack of skilled workers in the labor market in our region, we contacted Neuron soundware to control machines for failure prevention and proper operation assurance.“

General manager,
Jan Zykmund

Increase your production uptime and protect your delivery reputation

Complete online 24/7 information on your asset condition.

Manage your entire machine fleet remotely through an online platform that gives you a complete overview of your assets.

Get early warnings on anomalies and upcoming failures so you can act early.

Reduce unplanned machine outages, increase OEE and prevent failures.

Optimize maintenance schedule. Control the future.

Prioritize and plan your maintenance activities with trained advanced AI and machine learning insights.

Protect your key production assets
in 5 easy steps

1. Easy installation and short time-to-service

1. Easy installation and short time-to-service

Rugged, simple sensor with non-intrusive and fast installation, yet able to withstand harsh environments and unconventional (slow/fast/non-rotating) machines where traditional methods fail.

Service comes online after monitoring a short period of normal operation, typically one shift

2. Remote 24/7 asset monitoring

2. Remote 24/7 asset monitoring

Unlike other diagnostic methods, machine learning algorithms with advanced AI evaluate the sounds of your asset continuously and in real-time.

nShield portal provides a complete overview of the asset condition through a web interface or API connection to your system.

This helps to detect anomalies early, which is crucial particularly for predictive maintenance, process control, and end-of-line testing.

3. Smart alerts

3. Smart alerts

When our AI detects an anomaly, you will learn about it immediately through an email, text message, or system smart alert. Acoustic data processing with AI is more precise than conventional methods.

4. Optimization of maintenance efforts

4. Optimization of maintenance efforts

Localize anomaly detection with sensitive sensors and assisted alert features. For key mechanical failures, we provide guidance to the maintenance team.

When you can anticipate an outage, you remain in control. You can prioritize and plan your maintenance activities.

5. Get on board with Industry 4.0

5. Get on board with Industry 4.0

Smart maintenance is the key to prepare your company for the automated and AI-powered future. Our AI is always learning, and the more feedback you give it, the smarter it gets.

Why Neuron soundware?

Conventional visual and instrumental inspection will not protect your machinery from failures.
We will. Let us help you stay in charge.

World’s Top 10 AI

Sound detection + AI = powerful technology for predicting upcoming failures. We proved that. Globally.

Deep machinery knowledge

AI combined with traditional mechanical knowledge combines to make a powerful tool to detect anomalies earlier than any human ear.

Experienced team

An agile team full of experts recognized as Gartner Cool Vendor 2018 & DCASE Competition Global Top 10 in 2020, 2021.

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