End-to-end customisable monitoring system
All-in-one solution using Artificial Intelligence for Predictive Maintenance, Process Control, and Predictive Analytics
What we provide

Our Solution

Neuron Soundware develops Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms, Edge IoT devices, and provides expertise monitoring and control of machines, processes, and predictive maintenance in various industrial applications.

Neuron Soundware uses acoustics emissions and many other physical parameters of machines collected by our own industrial IoT Edge, maximizing the performance of machines while lowering operating costs by optimizing maintenance and manufacturing processes.

In the process, Neuron Soundware reduces the impact of industrial production on the environment by developing new technologies and products.

We own all IP rights without licensing any third party component.

Neuron Soundware has developed an end-to-end solution that encompasses data collection, processing, analysis, and an intuitive user interface.

Our comprehensive solution consists of:

  • Hardware IoT Device
  • Advanced algorithms powered by Artificial Intelligence for Predictive Maintenance, Process Control, and Predictive Analytics
  • Variety of sensors
  • The nGuard web-based software portal

This solution is designed to be a plug-and-play with a focus on easy customization. Neuron Soundware offers remote support if assistance is required.

The Neuron Soundware solution also includes a dedicated help desk portal, complete with materials, videos, and guidelines to facilitate independent operation.

State of the art AI algorithms

The cutting-edge solution harnesses the immense power of AI algorithms and Machine Learning capabilities to revolutionize the way sound, vibration, and diverse data streams from industrial applications are processed.

The advanced technology of Neuron Soundware acts like a symphony conductor directing industrial machines, deciphering the intricate patterns and nuances in data that would otherwise go unnoticed.

Unsupervised highly efficient anomaly detection algorithms were proven to be four times more efficient than traditional vibro-diagnostic algorithms.

By applying the AI-driven monitoring technology, NSW customers benefit from the unprecedentedly accurate predictive maintenance, resulting in reduced downtime, enhanced operational efficiency, increased productivity and significant costs savings.

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Industrial IoT Edge Computer (nEdge)

Neuron Soundware designed computer that processes acoustic emissions and other input data using edge computing to run complex machine learning algorithms.

  • ATEX and CE certification
  • Edge data processing capability
  • Direct SCADA integration
  • Secured communication through data encryption
  • Quick non-invasive installation with manual and video tutorials.

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Sensors for collecting multiple physical parameters and data

Variety of sensors can be connected to the NSW IoT device. NSW uses acoustic sensors, wide frequency piezo elements, and accelerators. The Edge device allow data reading of all type of environmental sensors for measurement of such parameters as electric current, pressure, temperature, magnetic field, and many others

  • Very broad range of sensors
  • No need to for battery replacement
  • ATEX sensors are available

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nGuard portal

Online nGuard system allows clients to access the machine information from any device with a web browser.

When anomaly occurs the system sends an actionable alert to the client.

All recordings are stored for the whole duration of the service, downloadable via browser for local analysis.

NSW offers online analysis tools for a quick inspection of mechanical issues.

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