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Enhancing the Operation of Machines

Industrial applications

Our software and hardware, both developed in-house and tailored to customers' needs, add a new dimension to machinery operations. Via the considerable expertise of our team in algorithm development and data analysis, we develop solutions customised to the needs of industrial manufacturers. Our extensive experience in data analysis and compression further bolsters this capability. If a machine exists, we can monitor it.

Customized R&D Solutions

R&D Expertise Services

We develop tailor-made R&D solutions for industrial manufacturers, including new technologies, processes, and products. Our team's significant expertise in algorithm development and data analysis supports these solutions. Our consulting services cater to industrial manufacturers, focusing on identifying and implementing innovative R&D solutions to enhance operations and competitiveness. Together, we will identify, develop and implement these innovative R&D solutions to drive improved operations and boost competitiveness.

Proactive Machinery Monitoring

Predictive Maintenance

We conduct continuous monitoring of machinery and equipment, anticipating potential failures before they occur. Any deviations outside specified limits trigger immediate alerts to management via communications software/hardware, facilitating prompt decision-making. This prevents unscheduled production shutdowns, boosts productivity, speeds up timely intervention, provides real-time diagnostics, while contributing to energy and repair cost savings. Extend your machinery lifecycles through real-time failure detection, and optimize machinery maintenance plans.

Total Quality Control

Quality Assurance

The analysis and control of machines is carried out to ensure they perform their intended functions, producing the required high-level product. All elements work together to measure the performance of machines and assess whether each individual machine functions within specified parameters to deliver the specified product quality, similar to in-line testing. If the machines exceed the set limits, adjustments can be automatically executed through the software. Alternatively, the production team can be alerted to inspect and make the necessary adjustments themselves.

Proactive Machinery Monitoring

End-of-line testing

Through end-of-line testing, we ensure that the finished product aligns with specifications, be it a single unit or an assembly. Real-time and non-destructive testing against physical parameters is performed in situ, providing substantial benefits for you, your OEMs, their customers, and the environment. If and when limits are exceeded, adjustments can be automatically executed via the software, or the production team can be alerted to inspect and make the necessary adjustments themselves.

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