Compressors & pumps, gears, motors, injectors
Rotary screw compressor failure detection (Czechia)

Continuity of operations not guaranteed

The requirement of the customer, a European automotive supplier, is guaranteed continuity of its operations in their car windows production plant. They installed new critical production equipment, oil-injected rotary screw compressors, to supply compressed air reliably and continuously for the production line during continuously changing air consumption demand, and required automatic monitoring for continuity.


IoT devices and non-intrusive sensors processing acoustic data

The customer selected NSW technology for online monitoring of the newly installed rotary screw compressors. The end-to-end solution for acoustic anomaly detection monitors a group of compressors operating in a cascade arrangement. IoT devices and non-intrusive sensors collect and process acoustic data, AI and Machine Learning algorithms process and evaluate the data to alert a potential malfunction.


Automated anomaly reporting

  • Real-time asset monitoring and utilization overview
  • Early warnings of failures
  • Prioritization of assets for inspection
  • Minimized costs associated with failures
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