Cutting-Edge AI and IoT for Superior Process Monitoring
What we provide you with

End-to-end solution for Data collection, AI data processing, and SW data visualisation and real-time machine control

NSW specializes in CNC machining solutions, from simple three-axis machines to complex centers. Our modular solutions can be provided as an all-in-one package or independently, fully integrating with existing systems and complying with top IT cybersecurity standards. Data can be processed securely in the cloud or on Edge at the customer’s premises.
  • Unscheduled downtime
  • Low digitization of assets
  • High operating costs
  • Lack of (skilled) workforce
  • AI & ML algorithms
  • NSW designed IoT Edge HW
  • Web-based SW application
  • Cloud or in situ data analysis
  • 60% fewer breakdowns
  • 35% lower costs
  • 25% more productivity
  • 5% energy saving

Streamlined Operations on CNC machines

Real-time monitoring of quality degradation of machine tools: 95 % accuracy


Declining quality of manufactured product due to degradation of CNC machine tools.


Real-time, in-situ monitoring solution with early warning system of the quality of machine tools operating outside of the pre-set parameters.


Substantial increase in production efficiency and profitability. Zero material and product scrap.


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Speeding up grinding processes by 10-15%

Inefficient grinding process due to incorrectly positioned grinders
ML model accurately identifies the size of the contact area between the grinding wheel and the material with an immediate feedback control
Full quality control of grinding operations at maximum operational speed Get the Full use case Details >>

100 % reliability on material handling robots

Unexpected misalignments of loads and displacements of materials incidents stopping the production process.
Replacing human supervision of the handling process by continual evaluation of acoustic signals with AI models. Visual and audible warnings for operators.
Prevention of costly repairs, unforeseen stoppages and further damage to robotic working cells. Get the full use case Deatils >>
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