Test benches and product quality testing
End-of-line testing for automotive subassemblies (Czechia)

Problems with quality
due to subjective manual tests

A leading manufacturer of automotive subassemblies required a rapid end-of-line automatic test bench to ensure that the entire product is assembled correctly and performs as specified. The test bench replaced the subjective manual tests they had been employing, which was resulting in an unacceptable number of complaints from their customers.


Machine Learning based solution evaluating acoustic signature levels

NSW provided an AI and Machine Learning based solution that automatically evaluates acoustic signature levels throughout the whole frequency range and provides immediate assessment of the subassembly compliance with pre-set specifications totally independent of variable conditions on the production line.


Reduced testing costs

  • Significant lower rate of customer claims
  • Higher quality product
  • Improved reputation with OEM
  • Reduced testing costs
  • Total product quality traceability


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