“Machine Whisperer” Neuron Soundware presents three world firsts at Hannover Messe

Hannover / Prague, 07 March 2019: The “machine whisperers” from Neuron Soundware are back in time for Hannover Messe with three new products that they will be presenting at the world’s most important industrial fair. After Neuron Soundware presented its own AI-based sound detection system for machine maintenance and problems for the first time last year, their second generation of devices along with two new products will be launched this year.

nBox – the second generation of IoT hardware understands machines even better

Neuron Soundware builds and trains AI software that understands audio signals. Based on this technology, the company offers its industrial customers a smart detection system that detects anomalies and known problems in machines and systems at an early stage and sounds the alarm if necessary. For this purpose, the start-up company from Prague uses acoustic sensors that collect even the smallest noise data and evaluate them almost in real time. The algorithms for this can be integrated directly into the respective IoT systems or work externally in the cloud. By using this technology, industrial customers can continuously monitor their machines and motors from a distance. The second generation of nBox, which has now been released, now uses even more (a total of 12) channels for simultaneous recording. CPU and GPU improvements have significantly increased the nBox’s computing power – the algorithms on the device run smoother as a result. In addition, the second generation of the nBox is smaller, lighter and cheaper.

With capacity for even more accurate measurement, the system significantly reduces maintenance and repair costs by detecting problems earlier and more accurately than ever before. Total failure or quality and performance problems with systems and motors can thus be prevented in good time. The technology is suitable for a wide range of industries and is already used for monitoring of engines, compressors, pumps, turbines, robots and other similar machines or equipment.

nCard – mobile audio recording simplifies measurements

New on the market is Neuron Soundware’s solution for predictive maintenance recordings on the move. The system, called the “nCard”, consists of an individually designed and shielded sound card that connects to the Android smartphone application and allows high-quality audio recordings to be made anytime, anywhere. The handy and lightweight pocket-sized device is equipped with an analog-to-digital converter (ADC) with a 2-channel recording function (2 microphone/piezo sensors). This makes it possible to monitor machines and systems even in difficult or unusual real-life scenarios. In this context Neuron Soundware will soon be launching a pilot project in which the nCard will be used to collect data from industrial robots. Maintenance technicians will then use an AI algorithm to assess the condition of their robots and plan their maintenance or avoid unexpected failures.

Predictive maintenance of CHP units with new tailored algorithms

The third Neuron Soundware innovation is aimed specifically at the owners and operators of combined heat and power (CHP) units. The plants working with the principle of the power-heat coupling are maintenance-intensive and a unit failure or premature wear is not only annoying, but above all expensive. Repair costs and lost production time quickly exceed several hundred euros per hour. Neuron Soundwares’ new CHP solution therefore offers sensors and algorithms specially tailored to these requirements. The system monitors various components of the CHP to detect anomalies or known problems such as overheating, roller knocking, exhaust pipe damage or engine screw loosening. The maintenance team is usually notified automatically by SMS or email hours or days before problems could occur. In addition to reducing repair and downtime costs, this predictive maintenance of CHPs also has ecological aspects: “Healthy” systems generally consume less gas and fuel and have a longer service life.
“I recommend all representatives of manufacturing corporations that seek tech innovations, or perhaps faced troubles to innovate their operations in the past, to stop by at our stand, get inspired by our success stories and identify ways of where and how we could collaborate together”, explains CEO Pavel Konečný his plans for Neuron Soundware at the industrial fair.

About Neuron Soundware

Neuron Soundware develops a detection system that discovers machine problems in real time. By recording noise data via sensors and the subsequent automatic evaluation, damage and abrasion are detected close to real time and machine or production breakdowns are prevented. The technology is suitable for use with car engines, wind turbines, point machines and other machines and systems. Neuron Soundware was named “Idea of ​​the Year 2016” for this combination of Artificial Intelligence (Neuron Soundware’s AI software) and IoT (the external IoT systems and acoustic sensors used). Founded 2016 by Pavel Konečný and Pavel Klinger in Prague the company received EUR 600,000 in financing by J & T Ventures in 2017. Neuron Soundware was classified as a 2018 “Cool Vendor in Acoustic Technologies for Predictive Maintenance” by Gartner. Neuron Soundware is proud to work with clients such as Airbus, Siemens, BMW, Skoda, MVV Energie, Bosch, LG, Volkswagen or Mercedes-Benz.