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AI algorithms save 1.4 kilometers of wire per minute

In the manufacturing industry, challenges abound, presenting a complex landscape for producers. Entities engaged in wire production,such as those crafting copper-coated welding wire, grapple with the delicate balance of optimizing production efficiency while upholding the utmost quality standards for their products.

A key phase in wire production is the drawing process, where wire undergoes high-speed pulling through a die.This stage is prone to equipment issues and significant risks of material waste and production hold-ups, mainly due to wire breakage or quality degradation.

Traditionally, monitoring methods in wire drawing were predominantly manual or semi-automated, leading to inefficiencies and heightened downtime. The absence of real-time monitoring for potential equipment failures or quality decline frequently led to substantial losses. 


For instance, a mere minute of unexpected downtime or quality reduction in wire drawing might result in the loss of as much as 1.4 kilometers of wire, not to mention the associated energy and resource consumption.


Our solution tackles these challenges head-on and transforms the wire production process by seamlessly integrating advanced monitoring technologies. The Neuron Soundware solution harnesses the power of AI and machine learning to continuously monitor the drawing mechanism and the die’s condition. This sophisticated system correlates production data with set standards and, upon detecting any deviations, automatically halts the production line to rectify the issue, hence significantly cutting down on material and time wastage.


Implemented in a Czech factory of a leading global copper-coated welding wire producer, our solution has shown major success. Following its deployment, it reported over an 80% efficiency in detecting anomalies based on sound variations, with its latest model displaying even better results. This technology represents a breakthrough in blending technological advancement with practical application, establishing a new norm in wire drawing.

wire drawing machine

Significant benefits of our solution include:

Substantial Material Savings: Our solution effectively predicts and prevents wire breaks, considerably lowering material wastage. It’s estimated to save around 275 kilometers of wire annually per production line. (Considering an average of 3.9 kilometers of wire waste per end-draw break on an unequipped line, with an average occurrence of two breaks per week in 11 months of continuous production, and our system being able to prevent at least 80% of these incidents.)

Reduce unplanned downtime: With real-time monitoring and fast response, the system significantly reduces downtime caused by equipment failures. For example, a standard pull change by an operator takes approximately 9 minutes. In contrast, a malfunctioning drawbar can extend downtime to 20 minutes. By alerting of an impending failure, our solution can therefore reduce repair time by up to 11 minutes, enabling the production of approximately 15.84 kilometres of wire.

Increased Productivity and Profitability: Consistent, uninterrupted operations, and the system’s accuracy in adhering to production specifications guarantee not only consistent quality but also higher output.

Cost Avoidance: Notably, our solution helps avoid expenses associated with the disposal of damaged wire and its transport to disposal sites. Moreover, it significantly reduces the environmental impact, specifically CO2 emissions from the thermal processing of waste.

In summary, NSW’s acoustic detection technology in wire drawing addresses longstanding challenges and ushers in substantial advancements in efficiency, safety, and quality control. This forward-thinking strategy underlines the value of embracing technological innovations in manufacturing, leading to more sustainable, efficient, and economically viable production methods.