Drawing and injection molding machines
Monitoring and control of wire drawing machine (Czechia)

Damage to the die results in significant time and material losses

Material that is copper coated is drawn at the speed of 24 m/s through a drawing die that is highly susceptible to damage. Any damage to the die results in the entire production batch being scrapped causing significant time and material losses.


We monitor the drawing mechanism and the integrity of the die

The solution devised by NSW monitors the drawing mechanism and the integrity of the die. NSW correlates the data obtained with the production specification and, in the case of any deviations from the pre-set specification, the line is stopped, and the problem areas are corrected.


Significant material savings

  • Dramatically reduced unplanned downtime
  • Remote equipment health monitoring provides information for maintenance
  • Removal of potentially injury-threatening equipment interventions
  • Improved productivity and profitability
  • Increase in credibility as a reliable supplier
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