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Helium compressor failure detection (Italy)

Unscheduled downtimes of tempering furnace

The customer is a European automotive manufacturer. A piston helium compressor is used in transmission gear hardening manufacturing, a critical part of the production process. The customer needs to maintain continuity of operations for the tempering furnace. If this equipment fails, the manufacturer runs the risk of delays in production and in the process generating scrap. In the past, the customer had replaced the entire compressor due to critical incidents.


The end-to-end solution for acoustic anomaly detection

The end-to-end solution for acoustic anomaly detection to prevent failures: IIoT devices and non-intrusive sensors collect and process sound data, and AI and machine learning algorithms evaluate the processed data from the compressors and decide if there is any change from the nominal state to report an anomaly.


Prioritization of assets for inspection

  • An anomaly that would have led to critical compressor failure detected at a very early stage
  • Real-time asset monitoring
  • Prioritization of assets for inspection
  • Minimized costs associated with failures and scrap
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