Motors, pulleys, gears, conveyors, steel cables, breakes
Failure detection and performance monitoring in material handling (Lithuania)

Inefficient ports material handling equipment

Due to inefficient ports material handling equipment, a solution was sought which could monitor essential mechanical components of the equipment such as motors, gearboxes, reclaimers, stackers, ship unloaders and loaders, conveyor systems for bulk handling etc.


Actionable insights into the crane fleet

NSW IoT devices with ATEX certification were deployed to continuously collect acoustic and vibration data that are analyzed using AI and Machine Learning algorithms in order to provide actionable insights into the fleet of material handling equipment. The management of the health of the equipment is made possible through the insights provided.


24/7 remote asset monitoring

  • Continuous monitoring of equipment
  • Elimination of unplanned downtime 
  • Reduced preventive maintenance costs
  • Continuous data-driven asset management
  • Prolonged equipment lifetime 
  • Improved safety and reliability
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