Artificial intelligence detects device faults before they occur. The development of unique Czech technology has now been supported by the European union.

  • The company Neuron Soundware can diagnose potential malfunctions in production equipment with the help of artificial intelligence preventing more serious malfunctions 
  • Technology based on the analysis of the acoustic spectrum of sound is currently being used on all continents
  • The Czech company has now received seven million euros for its further development, supported by the European Union’s Horizon program and the Technological Agency of the Czech Republic.

Energy equipment, production lines in the automotive industry, machine tools, robots, welders and 3D printers. This is a list of some technologically demanding machines that, when they break down, can significantly disrupt the production process. The Czech company Neuron Soundware now aims to minimize these defects as much as possible.

The company has developed a unique technology based on the analysis of the entire acoustic spectrum of sound. Artificial intelligence evaluates all collected data and determines whether there may be any faults on the devices in the near future. In other words, the system can prevent more severe failures of individual components while optimizing production processes, thereby increasing the quality of production.

A thousandfold increase in performance

Neuron Soundware first gained recognition in the Czech market back in 2016 when it won the Idea of the Year competition. Since then, the company has been improving its technologies and successfully deploying them in real-world operations. 
The further development of the company has now been financially supported by the European Union’s Horizon program and the Technological Agency of the Czech Republic, with a sum of seven million euros (approximately 163 million Czech crowns). The company succeeded as the only Czech project among 1,092 applicants in the European Commission program that focuses on innovative deep-tech companies. The allocated funds will be used by Neuron to further enhance its technologies.
“This will apply to both our hardware unit, nEdge, where we expect up to a thousand times greater computational power using the latest AI accelerator chips, and the development of the entire nGuard analytical platform. Therefore, the investment will enable the improvement of artificial intelligence predicting machine failures and further scaling the service worldwide,” said Pavel Konečný, the founder and CEO of the company.

One of the best in the world

Certainly, Neuron cannot complain about a lack of customer interest. Thanks to easy installation and reliable results, their product is used by companies not only in Europe and the USA but also in Asian countries and now also in Latin America. “The combination of IoT (Internet of Things) devices and artificial intelligence is demanding in terms of development, but it will undoubtedly change manufacturing processes worldwide,” adds Konečný.

April 14, 2023 | Jan Boháč for